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Thea Queen Empty Thea Queen

Post by Thea Amira Queen on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:15 am

Full Name: Thea Dearden Queen
Alias: Speedy (by her brother), Amira (League of Assassins)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 20
Play-By: (Celeb) Willa Holland
Physical Description:
Thea Queen 600full-willa-holland
Occupation: Owner of Verdant
Affiliation:League of Assassins

Family Information: Father: Robert Queen (Deceased)
Mother: Moira Queen (Age 51)
Half Brother: Oliver Queen (Age 30)
Family Background:The Queen family are a prominent, wealthy family who primarily live in Starling City. They all live in the Queen Mansion, and the family co-owns Queen Consolidated. They are possibly the wealthiest, and the most powerful family in Starling City

History:Thea is the daughter of Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn, though Malcolm was unaware that Thea was his daughter as Thea herself was unaware that Malcolm was her father. Robert Queen however was aware but still loved Thea like his own. When Thea was a child she fell off her horse and was hospitalized. Thea (it is insinuated) idolized Oliver as a child. They used to be close and, according to Oliver, he used to chase after her when she was younger, thus giving her the nickname, "Speedy." When her father and brother were both presumed dead, Thea felt alone and disconnected from the world. She fell into a life of drugs and partying to fill the void left by her father and brother.

Abilities: Electrokinesis:  The power to manipulate, and even absorb, electricity
Foes: N/A
Friends: N/A

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Thea Amira Queen
Thea Amira Queen
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League of Assassins

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Thea Queen Empty Re: Thea Queen

Post by Oliver Queen on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:17 am

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Oliver Queen

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