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Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child

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Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child Empty Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child

Post by Ariniya on Mon May 11, 2015 11:36 am

Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child Canvas_zpsb5vuux01
Full Name:Ariniya ??? (No Known Name)
Alias:Andromeda, Cyber Witch
Sexual Orientation:Flexible
Age:can't age beyond 18-21 and is unknown age range
Play-By: (Celeb)n/a
Physical Description:
Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child 08754b7e7cac821465449839bd3e61f7
Occupation:none yet

Family Information:Uknown Father ~ Living
Mariam The Mad Scientist ~ Deceased
Family Background:Father was an alien of unknown or unmentioned raise. A brilliant mastermind and quite genius. Her mother was a mad scientist who was killed from the exposure of the incident that caused them to have to cyborg their daughter. The father is unknown.
History:A loving and bright child who had a tragic accident take away most of her humanity when she around 6-8. During the two year coma between her alien father and her earthling mother of unique race they managed to save their comatose daughter. Rebuild most of her body inside and out. At least one side of her body is completely cybernetic. Along with many of her other parts. Including her heart is recreated or relivened with nanobot and nanite technology. The process too many years and while programmed to be that of a young adult the girl is very much still quite childlike at times. Along with the ability to literally jack in and become the internet...so to speak...or ghost through it depending on how much of herself she removes from her shell into the internet. She travels around and while not really good or evil the fact she has no true grasp of right or wrong...good and evil nor understanding of the consequences of her ability while she can be sexy and dangerous she is also in most cases unable to legally be held accountable for her actions...usually.
Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child _dark_as_snow_updated-1463757_zpsigwignk4
Abilities: NOTE: Categories of Ability Sections are symbolized by the ~
Subcategories have the ( ) aorund it and the * with each subcategory connected to the breakdown of these abilities. Its for clarity not for seeming to have lots of abilities.

Inherited Traits/Gifts From Parents
~Half-breed Alien Physiology : for information see Alien Physiology

~Forcefields (ability to generate, manipulate or control forcefields around self or others)
~antipathy (inability to be read or mentally invaded by psychic powers such as telepathy or mind control...the later varies in success and is usually better when involving computer 'hacking' than the other)


1)~Matter Ingestion~
The superhuman ability to ingest and pass any substance through the body without the substance inducing bodily harm. ie eating a bomb and it explodes

 *Marrionetakinesis (manipulate and control telepathically or kinetically puppets or 'doll' like objects)
Note: works well and in synchronization with anatomical libration if desired
  *Marrionetakinesis (mecha version) : her birth ability moved on to being able to alo manipulate mecha or robotic based nonsentient "puppets"
Note: the cyborgism granted a secondary use of this with mecha versions
 *Anatomical Liberation (the power to detach body parts and take on life forces on their own)
Note:works in synchronization with marionetakinesis.

3)~Mechanokinesis~ (birth but subcategories came to be after Cyborgism was done)
Sometimes called "Mechanical Communication", "Technopathy" or "Technokinesis", Mechanokinesis is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to mentally control technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology".
This parts dormant for nowTo a finer extent, this ability allows the user to control or manipulate these devices or pieces of machinery simply because of their technological process. For example, Blacksmith could control phones, guns, car parts and laptops and combine them into a dangerous robot. She could do this because she connected every single part with another on an unintelligible mental level. This control can be likened to the willpower that Green Lanterns use to create their energy constructs.
*Datakinesis: manipulate data (activated after the cyborgism and works best when jacked in)
*Virtual Intigrations "Jacking In"~
(the ability to connect herself to computers or a main core computer mainframe and jack into the virtual world. Even so far as "becoming" the internet itself or ghosting through the internet as a computer program or artifical intelligence "entity" within the computer world.)
**came to be due to ability two**
Note: This birth ability was activated and triggered further uses after Cyborging occured. before it was just the ability to do the techopathy style stuff. Its connected to Birth/Natural Abilities and the Cyborg & Cyborg Enhancement sections.

(Along with nanobots and nanites helping regenerate and recovered dead cell tissues of numerous shattered beyond repair bones were replaced with robotic or cybernetic parts mixing alien and earth technology amongst other things.
2)~Cybernetic Enhancements~
The replaced body parts and cyborgism and cybor parts enhanced her physical attributes.
  *unique physiology
  *increased intellect and adaptability
  *along with an ability to fly on robotic wings
  *mild super human strength
  *superhuman durability
  *superhuman stamina
  *superhuman stamina
  *superhuman reflexes
  *superhuman endurance
  *enhanced hearing
  *enhanced sense of smell primarily in noticing chemical, gas or radioactive leaks for example

3)~Nanobotic Regenerative Healing~
(Along with the enhancement that allows her body is enhanced by nanite technology to heal from injuries or regeneratively recreate lost limbs. Also includes the ability to use nanokinesis to manipulate nanoties, nanobot or related entities within oneself or others as well as to use thse nanites or nanobots to heal others. As well as to regenerate or heal the false skin that is some sort of silicon or synthetic skin based that covers the cybernet parts.)

Foes:none yet
Friends:none yet

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Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child Empty Re: Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Mon May 11, 2015 11:42 am

Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child 33vlt9g

Ariniya ~ Cyborg Child B8oi0p

Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
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Ra's al Ghul
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