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Puddin' I'm Home! - Harley and The Joker -

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Puddin' I'm Home! - Harley and The Joker -

Post by Guest on Fri May 15, 2015 11:02 am

Harley was back from her trip to Starling City.

She was kind of nervous about coming back to her Puddin' after what had happened with Sithis but she was determined to tell him about the encounter with the man. He would be able to do something about his horrible, mean behavior towards her she was sure. Her Puddin' would be so angry that she had been subject to his silly little boring presence he would probably kill him for her himself. He was romantic like that.

Opening the door to her Puddin's hide out, Harley looked around and spotted him sitting there at his desk. No doubt using that brilliant mind of his to come up with wonderful capers that would put smiles on all of the faces of people in Gotham. She hoped that the left handed screwdriver that she had would help her Mr. J out, she really did. Maybe he'd even give her a treat for going and getting it all on her own when he had needed some time to himself instead of doing something less important with her time? A girl could dream!

For a moment she simply stood there in the doorway looking at him, so happy that he loved her just as much as she loved him. She wondered what she had done to deserve someone so good as her Puddin', and those thoughts only made her even more determined to make him happy with her. Show him that she was worthy of his affection.

"Puddin'!" she cried out happily as she stopped her standing still and burst into the room "Oh how happy I am to see you again, I have missed you so so much." Harley squeaked as she approached where he was sitting at his desk.

Instantly she wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind and nuzzled her cheek against his own smudging her grease paint slightly but she didn't care. It just felt to good to be holding her Puddin' close again after being apart for a few days. She forgot just how much she missed him until they were right up close again, which was good, otherwise she might never leave him if she did remember.

"Did ya miss me, Mistah J?" Harley asked, ruffling her slender fingers through his green hair "I got what ya asked me to for ya while I was away, do ya want it?"


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Re: Puddin' I'm Home! - Harley and The Joker -

Post by The Joker on Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:05 am

The Joker was more than diabolically pleased with the success rate of the result that occured. His part though not the major role had toppled stones that toppled stones. Leading to the temporary vanishing of all of Gotham. Outside those he had set loose into the world, gotham had a straggler here and there returning. All was going according to plan. His beautiful right hand was out there doing everything he asked for, and many things he had not yet done so, yet fit perfectly in with his plans.

His daughter and son had been sent out into the world. Everything was going according to plan. Unfortunately that also left the minute and trivial little detail of gathering up little Neo Ivy. He staged his escape yet no. He had not left. Not yet. The world would think he had escaped thus allowing for masterminding evil devilish deeds from the shadows. Right under everyone's nose. Most of the crew needed replacing. Lost in the madness of circlign thoughts. Scribbling wildly away. Diagram. Plans. Oh yes. He had many plans. He found great delight in the fact he had sent even that meddlesome bat away.

Eventually this period of time that was theres to prepare would cease to exist. Null and void. As if to bring him out of his maddening trance a voice dropped like a weight of irons. Puddin' rang out as he heard a form breeze through the air. An already twisted smile covering his scarred and clown painted face, green hair wildly dancing around his head, he turned his head slightly. "There you are. Yes. Very glad to see you. I missed you as well. All your ventures are fruitful? News Harley. What news bring you?" He asked with a firm tone. Watching her being distracted by his hair seemed to momentarily disconcert him. "Yes. Come. Decorate my lap for a moment. Of course I missed you. Do not ask silly things. Show me what you brought me." He said with an insane sounding laugh following these words. "Show me and later I shall reward your efforts."
The Joker

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Re: Puddin' I'm Home! - Harley and The Joker -

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:03 pm

Harley bounded happily further into the room so that she could better see her darling's face while she spoke with him, he was so handsome with that large red smile and she didn't think that anyone could look better in that handsome purple suit. For a moment she just stood there, happy to be in his presence again and take in the sight of her Mr. J right there in front of her. She had missed him so much while she had been away.

When he told her, without hesitation that he missed her, Harley's face threatened to break in two from the smile and she even felt herself tearing up slightly. Whenever he was so nice to her like this, it made her realised even more that all of those fools who spoke badly of him were just that. Fools.

She didn't have to be told twice when he asked her to come and sit on his lap for a moment, without hesitation she slid onto his lap and secured herself there by wrapping her arms around his neck. Seeing him from so close up was amazing, he was so dreamy. Harley sighed happily and resisted the urge to place a kiss on his cheek, she didn't want to mess up his paint after all.

"Well ya asked me to go and find ya a left handed screwdriver that ya could only find in a different city, so, I went over to one of the other towns and got it for ya. Just like ya asked me to." she announced with a proud smile, producing the screwdriver that she had been concealing behind her back with a loud 'Ta-Dah!' "What do ya think Puddin' was it the type of thing that ya were meaning?" she asked, eager to hear if she had gotten her assignment right.

Huffing slightly, Harley turned her head away as she remembered the other thing she wanted to tell Mr. J about.

"Oh yeah, while I was out there, I met someone. He was a real jerk to me Puddin', called me ugly, all these mean names, was mean about you too but I set him right. I told him how awesome ya were he just wouldn't listen!" she stated with an upset tone, sniffling slightly.


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Re: Puddin' I'm Home! - Harley and The Joker -

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