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Ophelia Smith

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Ophelia Smith Empty Ophelia Smith

Post by Ophelia Smith on Mon May 18, 2015 8:36 am

Full Name: Ophelia Jane Smith
Alias: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 18
Play-By: (Celeb) Chloe Moretz

Physical Description:

Ophelia is normally a very understated girl, she doesn't wear any fancy clothes, or ones that would garner a lot of attention (such as glitzy or especially revealing outfits). Most of the time she wears her various pairs of jeans and plain strap tops or hoodies. She likes to hide her frame behind comfortable clothes but actually she is quite slender and well curved. Her hair is unkempt, appearing quite wild on occasion, but when she takes care of it the messy light brown locks can become smooth and more blonde in colour. The one thing that is beautiful without having to be worked at, in her own opinion, are her blue eyes. They are a very light blue, almost appearing grey or white and despite them unnerving some people Ophelia takes great pride in their strange colorization.

Occupation: University Student - Biology Major, Chemistry Minor.
Affiliation: Civilian

Family Information:

Father: Charles Smith
Mother: Elizabeth Smith (nee Monks)
Brother: Cain Smith

Family Background:

Ophelia's family life was much the normal one, she was the youngest out of the siblings that were born to her mother and father. She was often overshadowed by her older sibling Cain, who was the very example of a typical Jock during school. He was able to score a scholarship because of his football to a prestigious University in Gotham, he was popular, confident and was able to hold down a job without much hassle. Ophelia was the complete opposite. She was a quiet girl, preferred to stay in the library, was a lot more academic than athletic, and it took her three tries to pass her drivers test she was so anxious about driving. She feels like a failure in the eyes of her parents and likes to keep to herself, even at home, as her brother tends to mock her whenever he's around.


Ophelia was born in Starling City with her family (as outlined above), she grew up alongside them and until this last year she hasn't had the chance to branch out on her own. She is very nervous to be starting her new life in University in Starling City, having been accepted onto a Biology Degree course. Although she is now moving out from her parent's house and facing the tough task of having to provide for herself, Ophelia in some way is glad as she will no longer have to do what her parents instruct her to even if she would rather do nothing else. She will not be forced to socialize when she would rather study and so on and so forth.


Invisibility: she is able to turn invisible when nobody is looking at her.

Photographic Memory: she has a photographic memory and is able to memorize things in seconds after seeing them.

Method of Loci: she is able to create a 'Mind Palace' in order to organize and access the information that she has memorized. She can access older information through visualization of finding the information required through her 'Mind Palace'.

Foes: None really - villains who wish to do her harm.
Friends: None really - people on her course, perhaps.
Ophelia Smith
Ophelia Smith

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Ophelia Smith Empty Re: Ophelia Smith

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Mon May 18, 2015 8:43 am

Ophelia Smith 2h88zf5

Ophelia Smith B8oi0p

Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul
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