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Abaddon(World Eater)

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Abaddon(World Eater)

Post by Abaddon on Tue May 19, 2015 9:59 am

Full Name: Abaddon
Alias: Destroyer of Demons
Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual
Age:  Before Time Existed
Play-By: (Celeb) Chris Hemsworth
Physical Description: LOOK AT PICTURE
Occupation: Assassin(Human Disguise), Soul Stealer(Demon), Weapon of Mass Destruction(Abaddon.)

Family Information:


Family Background:


Abaddon, was created for one goal. To wipe out earth. During the process of his creation. Abaddon, gained three brothers and three sisters. A Father and a mother. Whom are very much alive. When time begun to sprew forth. Abaddon and his family were locked away in a dark cage. That Presence/The Voice Created. Hell and Heaven battled. Lucifer lost. Sent away to rule Hell. However, Abaddon along with the rest of his family used a combined effort and created a powerful being. The Anti-God. Which broke free their cages. And let the family run free. With that being done.  The Anti-God has disappeared from distanced after using all his power.

His brother, Was now the King of Demons. Ruling over it. Abaddon made his way towards the Living realm. To start his way to make havoc. Misguided as an Assassin in Medevil times. He slaughtered kings, Slept with Queens, and bred Children left and right as if they were dogs. Abaddon now had an army of Half Demons bastards ready to do what he wished. However, to contain such a large mass. Abaddon needed a realm, So with that being done. Abaddon created a realm and sent his half demon bastards to live their lives their. Then Sent his youngest sister to Watch over them.

As years went on, Abaddon honed his fighting skills, and powers. and Ventured forward. Right now he is an Assassin. Ready to be paid for jobs.



   Ethereal Physiology(Demons)
       Elemental Manipulation
           Fire Manipulation
       Energy Manipulation
       Life-Force Generation
       Life-Force Manipulation
       Mana Manipulation
       Non-Corporeal Form
   Extrasensory Perception
   Quintessence Force
   Supernatural Condition

Common Demon Powers:
   Chaos Manipulation
   Curse Inducement
   Dark Element Manipulation
       Black Earth Manipulation
       Black Lightning Manipulation
       Dark Fire Manipulation
       Dark Water Manipulation
       Dark Wind Manipulation
   Darkness Manipulation
   Death Inducement
   Decelerated Aging or Semi-Immortality
   Dream Manipulation
   Elemental Manipulation
       Fire Manipulation
       Electricity Manipulation
       Ice Manipulation
   Elemental Mimicry/Energy Physiology
   Fear Inducement
   Hatred Empowerment
   Hell-Fire Manipulation
   Human Disguise
   Mental Manipulation
   Natural Weaponry
       Claw Retraction
       Enhanced Bite
       Horn Protrusion
       Needle Projection
       Prehensile Tail
       Stinger Protrusion
       Tentacle Extension
   Nothingness Manipulation
   Pain Inducement
   Poison Generation
   Rage Manipulation
   Reactive Adaptation
   Sin Embodiment
   Soul Absorption
   Vice Inducement
   Weapon Manipulation


Master Combatant/Marital Artist
Master Swordsman
Master Archer
Free Runner/Parkour
Proficiency Weaponry
High Tolerance for pain
All Tongue: Knows every single language

Foes: Angels, Archangels, Good People, Righteousness
Friends: Brothers, Sisters, Demons, Archdemons

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Re: Abaddon(World Eater)

Post by Oliver Queen on Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:23 pm


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen

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