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Yavojn Martinez

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Yavojn Martinez Empty Yavojn Martinez

Post by Yavojn Martinez on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:49 am

Full Name:Yavojn Martinez
Alias:Sacred Priest
Sexual Orientation:undecided
Play-By: (Celeb)William Levy
Physical Description: bruises easy, skinny yet defined body definition, identical twin brother, oversized glasses,Weight: a pre teen child weighs more XD, Body Type: in shape, toned, soft as silk
Occupation:Priest/Founder & Runner Of Sanctuary Nuetral Grounds/Gospel Singer
Extra Information: *FIBROMYALGIA : body is super sensitive and bruises very easily. has days where even the touch of a feather feels like a weight of bricks. once in a while has days where can't move at all

Family Information:his identical older twin brother Markelzio...its the only family member he remembers.
Family Background:see Markelzio for more information on the family. He has amnesia and only remembers his twin brother.
History:see markelzio for some idea. He has amnesia and only remembers that when they were little his twin helped them escape. He is a multireligious priest, he sings gospel, he owns and runs a sanctuary for everyone and that is neutral grounds. Geared towards keeping street kids on the straight and narrow or providing food for the hungry or shelter for the homeless. He sings gospel competively.
Abilities:Bard Magic : when he sings his music that he is singing affects the listener. whatever type of music he sings affects the spirits and heart of the listener. (for example...uplifting, anger, happy, enlightened, sad, etc.add it can control and cause weaker minds and wills to do as is happening in the song and others to varying degrees. Stronger minds and wills may be immune or resistant)
Reviving Touch: The ability to revive or fully restore or heal an ally and in dire circumstances oneself. One has him extremely drained the other leaves him comatose for 24-48 hours.
Healer: the ability to completely heal allies or oneself of injuries or illnesses. Illnesses though are far more taxing to heal the more serious it is.
Prophetic Touch: The ability to touch people and objects and learn something about their pasts or futures. Or about futures involving many.
Friends:Markelzio Martinez
Yavojn Martinez
Yavojn Martinez

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Yavojn Martinez Empty Re: Yavojn Martinez

Post by Oliver Queen on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:36 am

Yavojn Martinez Esrrc8

Yavojn Martinez Mmpkyc
Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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