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Chase Blackthorn

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Chase Blackthorn

Post by Chase Blackthorn on Tue May 19, 2015 10:19 am

Full Name: Chase Blackthorn
Alias: Royal Werewolf King, Packmaster, Royal Alpha
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 30
Play-By: (Celeb)Nathan Parsons
Physical Description: Look at Picture.
Occupation: Leader of The Royal Werewolves, Werewolf King Of Werewolves, Packmaster
Affiliation: N/A

Family Information:
Unknown Werewolf Royal Bloodline of over 1,000 Family Members that are still alive
Bryn Blackthorn(Wife)
Three Children

Family Background:

Chase is a Royal Werewolf from the Blackthorn family. The Blackthorn family has been around Since Golden Age, they evolved and adapted. Chase has been around every country. He spent his child hood days studying, training, going to school, traveling, and learning what a werewolf was meant to be. He's family was rich each of them made profit their own way. So When Chase was Eighteen, He took on his own role. As an Assassin, and killed for profit for two years, he's rocketed himself a handsome sum of twenty million in cash. Which he used half in in businesses, illegal businesses, buying houses and renting them to people, buying a Mansion which Was later named the Blackthorn Werewolf Manor and kept the Ten Million for himself.

Once he turned twenty two. He found himself a lovely wife. Bryn, which later became a Blackthorn and a Queen of the Werewolves. He married her and over the course of eight years Bryn Blackthorn bared him Three Healthy Children. After that, The Reign of The Blackthorns Spread around the world as each Werewolf was loyal to the Blackthorns. And Chase Blackthorn became King of the Werewolves and Bryn Blackthorn became Queen of the Werewolves.


   Claw Retraction
   Contaminant Immunity
       Poison Immunity
   Enhanced Agility
   Enhanced Reflexes
   Enhanced Jump
   Lycanthropic Infection
   Regenerative Healing Factor
   Weather Adaptation
   Wolf Physiology
       Enhanced Bite
       Enhanced Durability
       Enhanced Endurance
       Enhanced Senses
           Enhanced Hearing
           Enhanced Smell
           Night Vision
       Enhanced Speed
       Enhanced Stamina
       Enhanced Strength
       Environmental Adaptation
       Feral Mind
       Fur Generation
       Predator Instinct
       Temperature Regulation

  Peak of human physical condition:
  Master hand-to-hand combatant/ Martial Artist:
  Weapons proficiency:
  Master marksman/Firearms:
  Master tactician/Leader:
  Master  Hacking Skills
  Environment Adaption Survivalism/Survivalist:
Foes: Anyone that threatens his family, wife, werewolves, and Children.
Friends: His Wife, Family, Children, Werewolves
Chase Blackthorn
Chase Blackthorn

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Re: Chase Blackthorn

Post by Mirena on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:02 pm


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