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Post by Euphemia Balas on Tue May 19, 2015 1:52 pm

Euphemia Balas 302648631Euphemia Balas B281d80ab2dbe491ae5e2f07cbdb9436
Full Name: Euphemia Balas
Alias: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Age: 25 (2445)
Play-By: Chloe Bennet
Physical Description: See pictures.
Occupation: Bartender at a club in Starling City.
Affiliation: Civilians

Family Information:
Father: Ambrosios Balas (deceased)
Mother: Zoe Balas (deceased)
Brothers: Hesperos, Onesimos, Agathon (all deceased)
Sisters: Chysanthe, Myrrine (both deceased)
Family Background: A fairly respectable, middle-class Greek family, with only one remaining survivor.
History: Born during the Plague of Athens in 430 BC, Euphemia first lost her father to disease, before her older siblings were picked off one by one.  By the time she turned four, her entire family was dead, yet Euphemia lasted through it all.  After she turned 24, she realized within the next century that she was not ageing whatsoever and for some number of months she had no idea what to do.  Eventually she left, traveling through Mesopotamia and the rest of the Middle East, typically only staying in one place for ten years at the most, just when people began to notice how she did not age.
For the next century after 300 BC she crossed the barrenness of the land between the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean, testing her own survival skills and finally arriving in a completely foreign land.  She took years to learn what she could from the many cultures and languages before journeying south and partially west to the general area of modern day India and the surrounding countries, all until around 100 BC when she returned to the Mediterranean.  From the end of the era until roughly 300 AD she crossed across and down Africa, braving the Sahara after experiencing the Egyptian way of life.
From there her life became only travel, collecting information, and learning everything she could about the world.  The more place she went the larger Earth became, as did her knowledge.  She found that she had an incredible memory, and during her time in Africa she was happy with her gifts, immortality included.  But being around so long, watching civilizations, generations, languages, cultures, all die out takes a toll on one's soul, and Euphemia has suffered greatly.  During many years she felt that she had no purpose, so she moved on to try to make a difference in the world, but a young woman in any historical time period had little chance at changing the world unless she was of royalty.  She has had good times, such as during the Renaissance, but they came hand-in-hand with dark times, a result of the sexism that has been present for longer than she has been alive.  She has advocated gender equality and women's rights since she noticed an almost international trend in discrimination around the early 15th century.
For about three centuries she posed as a man, starting in 1493 after the discovery of America, because she wanted to see it.  That was how she secured a ride on Columbus' fourth voyage across the Atlantic, and she decided to continue with her disguise on through to the start of the American Revolutionary War.  Previous to that, she learned numerous languages and adjusted to countless cultures, riding the social tide until she noticed the difference in the lives of males and females.  It unsettled her deeply how unequal the genders were being treated, and since the end of WWI she has fought for her rights.  She has spent over two millenniums changing her identity, altering her fake past because she knew from experience that if one stuck around too long people grew suspicious, and finally she ended up in Starling City after exploring the entirety of North America since the early 1900s.
Since the year in which she realized that she did not age, she has felt no desire to have sexual relations with anyone, which truly only came into play when she encountered a man by the name of Alex Blackwood.  Throughout the most recent six centuries she has met him almost a dozen times, first in France in the 1400s when he tried to seduce her.  Unfortunately for him, she resisted his power and left.  From then on she happened to run into him, and was surprised to learn that he too was immortal, but for a different reason.
-Immortality: Her body produces no internal waste and her cells regenerate at an unbelievable rate, replacing her entire body with new cells roughly every ten years.  She also is impervious to disease.
-Extreme survival skills in the wilderness (desert, jungle, ocean, etc.)
-Extensive knowledge and experience: Through the centuries she has gathered an immense database of information, including philosophy, science, art, religion, technology, and many more subjects.
Insight: She is capable of determining what people's intentions are through various methods all combined in her own experience.
Foes: She dislikes Alex Blackwood, but does not exactly consider him her enemy; he's more of a nuisance if anything.
Friends: To be determined.

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Euphemia Balas Empty Re: Euphemia Balas

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Tue May 19, 2015 2:03 pm

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Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
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