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Time to tell me the truth. (Thana, Oliver)

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Time to tell me the truth. (Thana, Oliver)

Post by John Diggle on Wed May 20, 2015 6:00 pm

Diggle was in Olivers Mansion, and had been doing his job. Observing when he looked in the bin, after a symbol caught his eye and he picked up the paperwork. Curious. It seemed curiosity killed the cat. Or let it out of the bag, one or the other. When Thana walked in he looked at her.

" Thana don't you walk away from me." he said, as she went to walk away from him once she saw what was in his hand. "When were you going to tell Oliver? Or weren't you going to? Were you going to hide it still. Until it KILLED you? Digs asked, the pieces of paper in his hand. From a top medical facility in Central City.

Dear Miss Semele.

It is with regret I must tell you your tests have proven what we feared. Your heart is failing more rapidly then what we can help with. It is with utmost regret I must inform you that your condition has now turned terminal. Your heart has an estimate of four to six months left before fully shutting down, at this stage we do not have the scientific knowledge as to how we can help with people's cases like yours.

With regret and yours faithfully.
Dr Paul Parsons
Central City Private Industries.

The letter in his hand told him everything, how long ago had she gotten the letter? She had six months left, at most. Add in her nightly activities and it was going to be a hell of a lot less.
John Diggle

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Re: Time to tell me the truth. (Thana, Oliver)

Post by Thana Semele on Wed May 20, 2015 6:26 pm

Thana had been upstairs when she heard Digs and walked down to see what he wanted before going and trying to walk away once she realised what he had. But turned back to him as he spoke. YES DIGGLE! I know what it means and I made my choice. No I was not going to tell Oliver or you!" she answered, and glared right back at him.

I made my choice. So leave me with it. And do not tell Oliver. I choose this, and I choose to do this." Thana answered, and remained standing. She listened to him but didn't think she had to answer to him. This was her choice, and she was going to stick with it. Her choice was her own and she had made it.
Thana Semele
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Taymele clan

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