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Markelzio Martinez

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Markelzio Martinez Empty Markelzio Martinez

Post by Markelzio Martinez on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:20 am

Full Name: Markelzio "Zio" Martinez
Alias: Catman (vigilante actual alias) Z (league of assassians), Zio(cartel), Robin Hood (media give), Zorro (media given)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual yet heavily prefers women
Age: 21ish
Play-By: (Celeb) William Levy
Physical Description:
Hair: usually short and a blondish brownish
Build: average height, strong, lithe, cat like grace and reflexes, strong but not overly so, athletic build over body builder
Clothing Style:varies...generally he loves the functional yet sexy or leather form fitting outfits but it does vary
Occupation: League Of Assassins, "ex" cartel boss, "ex" mafia hit man, "ex" criminal kingpin. the "ex" is because really he is just taking a break or until dragged back.
Affiliation: League Of Assassins

Family Information: His younger twin brother Yavojn His family was and always will be the League of Assassins. He rarely speaks to the League of Assassins even his best friend Ivan.
Family Background:Their family owned a massive drug operation which united the Colombian and the Cuban drug cartels...he is now kingpin even though he is MIA. His brother owns a sanctuary and neutral grounds now.
History: Markelzio isn't willing to talk about his past or where he stems from. He was once a very powerful and prominent cartel boss and a high ranking mafia hit man. Things happened and he had his moral compass and beliefs shaken like crazy. Turning his life around the man is still often on the wrong side of the law but he has gone vigilante. Justice for the little man or the forgotten people. A modern day Robin Hood. His current whereabouts are unknown but he is very well known for his growing reputation as the Robin Hood Vigilante thanks to unfortunate press incidents. If ever dragged by Ivan he'd have no choice but to resume his duties.
Abilities: broken down below. important note the bolded if has multitlple uses are the primary way the ability is used. most all of his gifts aren't used combatively but for occupation purposes

(offensive/defensive/supportive/other/noncombative)Technopathy - The Ability to control and manipulate technology with the mind. As well as communicate with it but doesn't allow it to agree with him merely to speak with it and attempt to coax it into assisting or doing it for him if not he controls it.
~subcategory that goes in conjunction with his technopathy/kinesis~
(Offensive/non-combative/defensive/other)Electricity Manipulation - The ability to control, generate and/or absorb electricity. Downside is if you get him soaking wet he shocks himself too if it is used. Primarily used to short circuit security systems alarms and cameras.

(Non-combative/Other/Supportive/Defensive)Phasing - The ability to pass through solid objects at will. Doesn't work well if done to human or animal entities. Makes him physically nauseous and sluggish...he falls asleep then and there. It also works the very best if he has used his x-ray vision prior to this.
(defensive/support/other)Invisibility - The ability to not be seen, however his is canceled out if bumps into someone or something or someone bumps into him. will not work if mobile against those unaffected by such abilities

(support)regenerative/accelerated healing - enhanced healing that causes him to heal faster than others but doesn't allow for the same speed or other effects as healing factor. plus side is he can use it to help others healing. downside is that he takes their injuries on himself and gets massive migraines. it isn't exactly something he wants to use and it doesn't automatically work...he has to actually use it.

~sub categories for flexibility, dexterity job related~ (

Catlike reflexes and fluidity of motion
is a triple jointed contortionists (not power based)
(Noncombative/other/defensive)Wallcrawling - Ability to adhere to solid surfaces, including walls and ceilings. often uses spy type gear to mask if he is doing it super humanly or not. So more times than not he isn't using the actual ability just increasing success rate of the spy gar.

~sub categories of visual enhancement ability~
(other/noncombative/support)Night Vision - The ability to see clearly through total darkness...more like animal/feline than clarity. Or like night vision heat goggles used to see the shapes of heat sources.
(other/support/noncombative)X-Ray Vision - the ability to see through solid matter...does not work on ladies clothing just things like walls...bank vaults etc.
(other/noncombative/support)Echolocation - Ability to determine location of objects by reflected sound waves. This works underwater but he'd need scuba gear and to be given no other options. It requires his closing his eyes or his eyesight will hinder the use of it.

~subcategories of mental/luck/karma enhancements~ (trainable to humans and not always superhuman)

(noncombative)Quantum Perception - The ability to analyze complex systems and information. Has to encounter or research said information or watch the 1's and 0's on the computer screen first then he will have the knowledge.
(noncombative)Psychic Strategy - the ability to almost instantly see all probable outcomes of a situation...usually. This doesn't help if against master strategists merely keeps him with as minimal bodily harm or negative or unfavorable outcomes. So it isn't a sure fire thing
(noncombative)Enhanced Memory - the ability to quickly absorb and accuretly retain great amounts of information. requires seeing, hearing, researching, hands on experience etc or it won't matter.
(noncombative)Serendipity - the ability of having great luck. Flip side...said luck sometimes ends him up in seemingly unlucky locations or places he wasn't even heading to or trying to get to...but was somehow needed as it always works out in his favor in the end. The ride on the way there...makes it seem it was bad luck.
(defensive)Minor Perlucination - the ability to 'push' others into believing or perceiving a certian thing...it doesn't always work or just enough to save his ass from smiting or jail...usually. same as if dealing with one hellava skillful conman not super human

Foes:anyone who tries to hurt Yavojn
Friends:Yavojn Martinez (twin), Ivan

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Markelzio Martinez
Markelzio Martinez
League of Assassins
League of Assassins

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Markelzio Martinez Empty Re: Markelzio Martinez

Post by Oliver Queen on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:33 am

Markelzio Martinez Esrrc8

Markelzio Martinez Mmpkyc
Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
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