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What's Stopping Me From Leaving (Lucas and Thana)

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What's Stopping Me From Leaving (Lucas and Thana)

Post by Oliver Queen on Fri May 29, 2015 6:37 pm

Oliver had locked himself since Casey's death he was just about ready to pack up and go back to the island. He really wasn't sure what was keeping him here. It had been weeks since Casey's death and he hadn't shaved or done anything for that matter not even ate. He didn't want to be alive. Though he knew he wasn't alone this time but he felt like he was alone as he didn't under stand what was going on in his mind at the moment. Really he guessed the only reason he hadn't packed up and went back to the island was Thana yet she didn't seem to be around so seriously why was he hanging around. So he got up and grabbed his duffle bag and began to pack it he was done with life here. Thana had Nyssa and he well he had no one any more. Casey was the first person that he had opened up to since he had came back to the island and now she was gone.


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Re: What's Stopping Me From Leaving (Lucas and Thana)

Post by Lucas Blackwell on Sat May 30, 2015 1:17 pm

Lucas decided he needed to visit Oliver or Oliver might do something rash. He needed to do something that would stop him from doing stupid things. Oliver and Lucas were not much different, Expect for Lucas choose to close himself from most people. He didn't much like half Team Arrow, Certainly not Thana. He didn't approve of her being on the Team, Yavvie was a mess.. The Flash oh boy Lucas would have words with Oliver about why he wasn't informed about The Flash. It's as if Oliver wanted Lucas to be in the dark. How many other people who on Team Arrow that Lucas did not know about. Diggle however was alright. However Diggle lacked skill in combat. Diggle was impressive at times but he was Oliver or Lucas.

He sighed, he had sneaked into the Queen Manor and made his way towards where Oliver was."Giving up on life already. Oliver." he told him."I wouldn't." He said. It was True Lucas wouldn't."You lost someone you loved? It's the end of the world for you?" He asked Oliver."Let me tell you something. You do have a right to be upset, you have a right to be angry, you however do not have the right to give up and simply leave." He told him. Harshly. "You leave now. Who do you think will lead Team Arrow? Thana? Hell no...Diggle..Depends..Yavvie hell noo. The Flash? Whom you never told me about? How many others do you have that you haven't told me about." With that said Lucas me his way towards Oliver."You don't get a free pass. Because a loved one died. You pick yourself up, you grieve over the death. Then you simply dust it off." Lucas said harshly. He did not want Oliver to leave this place. He couldn't leave Starling City.


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