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Post by Thagaa on Sat May 30, 2015 9:55 pm

Full Name: Thagaa (Self Given Name), Agatha Vivian Stilith (Given Name)
Alias: Messorem, Deciple of Nekron
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Age: Eternally 16
Play-By: (Celeb) Rachel Skarnstern
Physical Description:
Occupation: Reaper
Affiliation: Villian, Nekron(See History)

Family Information: Anthony Stilith (Father, Dead) Kathrine Stilith (Mother, Dead), Megan Stilith (Sister, Alive, 14.)

Family Background: The Stilith family are a family of mediums. Anthony Stilith was killed when Kathrine was 14 and Megan was 12. After that point, Kathrine Stilith's Mental health slowly degraded.

History: Agatha's early life was rather good, though that changed when her father died in a robbery gone wrong. Her mother's mental health degraded, as she blamed Agatha, who had witnessed the event for Anthony's death. Her mother's had a psychological break just after Agatha turned 16, leading Kathrine to knock her daughter out and buried Agatha alive in their back yard.

Agatha died that night, and came face to face with Nekron (For the people who don't know, Nekron is the Lord of the Unliving, aka the physical embodiment of death in the DC universe). Unlike most people who die, because of her family aptitude to being mediums and magic, Nekron gave Agatha a choice, follow him and return to the world as his disciple, carrying out his will, or continuing on in death. Agatha chose the become his disciple, choosing to be reborn under the name Thagaa. Along with her new name, Nekron gave her the title of Messorem, Deciple of Nekron, and bestowing her with a black lantern ring before sending her back to the world of living, allowing her control of her still dead body.

Thagaa dug herself out of her makeshift grave and went and claimed her first soul, killing her mother before leaving and heading on and leaving behind her old town and heading towards the big city of Stirling City so she may carry out Nekron's will.

Black Lantern Ring

Black Constructs:  Thagaa has the ability to use her black lantern ring to create black constructs similar to how green lantern rings can create green constructs.

Eternal Youth: After her resurrection by Nekron, Thagaa no longer ages physically.

Partial Immortality: Along with her eternal youth, Thagaa also has become functionally immortal, though it takes her time to heal, no injury can actually kill her (As she is technically still dead)

True Form: Under her facade of looking like a normal human lies her true form, which is a horrifying sight made mostly of her reanimated skeleton. Since becoming his disciple, Nekron also granted her true form a set of wings, though he told her to only show them to those who she is about to kill. (See Pic Below)

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Re: Thagaa

Post by Thea Amira Queen on Sat May 30, 2015 10:12 pm

Thea Amira Queen
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