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Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

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Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Post by Slade Wilson on Sun May 31, 2015 8:12 am

Full Name: Slade Wilson
Alias: Deathstroke
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: Mid 40s
Play-By: (Celeb) Manu Bennett
Physical Description: Look at Pictue

Leader of the Church of Blood
ASIS agent (formerly)
Member of ASIS unit (formerly)
Captain of the Amazo (formerly)

Affiliation: Villains

Family Information:

Joe Wilson (son)

Family Background:

Slade Joseph Wilson (born 1968), codenamed Deathstroke by A.R.G.U.S., is a former member of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service/ASIS unit, and the former leader of the Church of Blood. He is also the former friend and ex-partner of the late Billy Wintergreen, the father of Joe Wilson, one of the former mentors and friend turned enemy of Oliver Queen, friend turned enemy of the late Sara Lance, and a good friend of the late Shado, who Slade was in love with despite her being Oliver's lover.

Slade began as an ally of Oliver on the island who taught him most of his combat skills whilst attempting to stop the plot of Edward Fyers with Oliver and Shado. A year later, Slade went on a mission of vengeance against Anthony Ivo for killing Shado, but turned on Oliver upon learning that he allowed Shado to die so Sara could live and tries to kill him but was seemingly killed by him. 5 years later he was revealed to be alive with a mission of vengeance to take away everything Oliver cares about for him getting Shado killed, working with Sebastian Blood and Isabel Rochev to do so. However his plan ultimately failed, despite murdering Moira, as he was cured of the Mirakuru and imprisoned in an A.R.G.U.S. supermax back on Lian Yu. A year later he was briefly released and attempted to kill Oliver and Thea when they returned to the island, but was defeated and re-imprisoned once again.

Slade Wilson was an Australian Special Intelligence Service’s operative with a partner named Billy Wintergreen. Slade also had a son named Joe who he picked Billy to be the godfather of.
Shipwrecked on Lian YuEdit

In 2006, Slade and Wintergreen were tasked with rescuing Yao Fei, a former Chinese military commander purposely shipwrecked on the island by his government to conceal a massacre they perpetrated 8 years earlier, and uncovering the plot of Edward Fyers who held Yao Fei hostage for reasons unknown to them. However, their plane was shot out of the sky, and the two were captured by Fyers’ men. Fyers offered the two men to join his cause. Whereas Slade refused, Wintergreen accepted. Slade was held in the camp for over a year until Yao Fei freed Slade. The two took refuge in the wreck of Slade's plane. They planned to escape the island by stealing a supply plane on an air strip, but before they could do so, the two were separated.
Facing Edward Fyers' and meeting Oliver QueenEdit

6 months later, Slade caught a young Oliver Queen, who had been shipwrecked there, searching through his hideout. Oliver explained Yao Fei had sent him, but viewing him as a liability, Slade attacked and knocked Oliver unconscious. He bound Oliver to a chair by his wrists. When the other man woke up, Slade explained to Oliver that he had to kill him, just before Oliver freed himself by dislocating his thumb. Oliver went on to punch Slade in the face, convincing Slade that he was worth keeping alive. Slade told him he needed another to implement the plan he and Yao Fei had made to steal the supply plane. While choosing a weapon, Oliver found Slade's mask that was identical to that of Wintergreen, who had tortured Oliver at Fyers' camp when he first arrived on the island. Not realizing it was another mask, Oliver accused Slade of deceiving him, but Slade explained both he and his ex-partner wore the mask to protect their identities, as well as their allegiance to ASIS and their mission.

Slade attempted to train Oliver to fight, to not much success, until he gave the younger man the option to escape or die. They had only ten days to train before the plane arrived on the island. On the tenth day, they started their journey towards Fyers' camp. On the way, Oliver stepped on a land mine, presumably left behind from World War II. When some of Fyers' men approached their position, Slade killed them and used one of their bodies to free Oliver. That night, Slade revealed Oliver that Wintergreen had betrayed him immediately after their capture and that he was the godfather of Slade's son. Once they reached Fyers' camp, Slade proceeded to take out the soldiers with his sniper rifle, as Oliver reached the communications tower, with his only duty being to kill the man there. Oliver failed in his task, but Slade managed to get there in time to kill the man right before he shot Oliver. Slade told Oliver he would call in an airstrike to blow up the island after they left. Concerned about Yao Fei, Oliver left to bring the other man back with him. Slade stayed behind and told him he had three hours or he would be left behind. Despite what he said, Slade went back for Oliver and saved him from Wintergreen. He managed to kill Wintergreen, but was shot in the arm by Fyers. Slade acknowledged Oliver had proving himself to be a fighter.

Slade's wound is infected, forcing Oliver to head out to find herbs which could fight the infection. Oliver came back with the herbs and claimed not to have encountered any problems. When Oliver attempted the fix the damaged radio they had obtained from the communications tower, Slade joked "pigs would fly" before he succeded. Ironically, Oliver managed to repair the radio, shocking Slade. However, they discovered the radio could only receive, but not transmit, so they could not use it to call for rescue. As Slade listened to the soldiers' frequency, he overheard Fyers talking about something called Scylla to an unknown man. Oliver explained Scylla was a monster in the Odyssey by Homer. The two men left to discover what Scylla was and found it was a missile launcher.

To get closer to the missile launcher, Slade pretended to be a prisoner taken by Oliver. The ploy worked, and Slade managed to kill all the guards around the missile launcher. Just as he was about to destroy it, Oliver stopped him and took out the circuit board instead, effectively stopping the missile launcher from working. Slade was excited to have a leverage over Fyers. Oliver contacted Fyers and arranged to trade the circuit board back to him in return for a way off the island.[6] At the meeting, Fyers questioned if he could trust them to be truthful. Slade answered he himself would not, but Oliver had a thing for principles. Fyers took advantage of that and brought out Shado, Yao Fei's daughter. When Fyers threatened to kill Shado, Slade attacked him, providing enough distraction so he and Oliver, along with Yao Fei and Shado, could escape. On the way, Yao Fei was shot, and he told the others to leave him behind. When they returned to their hideout, they discovered that the circuit board was missing. Slade was angry at Oliver for being played, until Shado pointed out that Fyers could not risk them leaving the island with their knowledge anyway.

Slade started sparring with Shado, with the two proving to be equally matched. When Shado asked how well a fighter Oliver was, Slade answered he had tried to train Oliver with limited success. Shado decided to train Oliver himself, and Slade left them to it. When he returned later, Slade found Oliver slapping a bowl of water and found out he had been doing it all day. Shado claimed the exercise built strength, and was proven correct when Oliver managed to draw the bow in their possession, impressing Slade with the technique. Later, Slade discussed how to rescue Yao Fei with Shado and came to the conclusion they would need someone else to watch their back. Slade refused Shado's proposal to have Oliver do it with the bow, saying he was not ready. Shado took Oliver away to train, and told Slade if he was not ready by the end of the day, they would try a new plan.When they returned, Slade found out Oliver had failed at hunting down an animal. Before they could formulate a new plan, however, Yao Fei arrived with Fyers' soldiers to surround them. Angry at Yao Fei's betrayal, Slade attacked Yao Fei but was knocked down by one of the soldiers.

Fyers took the three back to his camp. When he wanted to make a point to Yao Fei, he shot Slade in the leg. Slade witnessed Yao Fei's death when Fyers had no more use for him and shot him in the head.[10] Slade, Oliver and Shado managed to break their bonds and attacked Fyers and his men. Slade survived the blast from the missile launcher and joked Oliver could not save the day without making a mess. Fyers arrived with Shado, revealing he had survived the blast, and angry at Oliver for ruining his two-year operation. Oliver killed Fyers using Yao Fei's bow, impressing Slade that he could kill.

5 months later Slade continues to mentor Oliver. While sparring, Oliver gets distracted and he hits him saying, "You're not the first one to learn the hard way. Women are a distraction". A few minutes later, a proximity detector device they had salvaged from the wreckage of Fyers' camp goes off, and they go looking for the people the device had detected, but Shado is quickly captured and Oliver and Slade chase after her. Later, Slade and Oliver catch up with Shado and the people who captured her. Slade tries to stop Oliver from doing anything rash, but the leader hits Shado, and Oliver becomes enraged and attacks the leader while Slade attacks the others. Slade and Shado are shocked when Oliver is unable to control himself and kills the leader. Moments later, Slade picks up a radio that goes off, and the three are left wondering how many more men are on the island and where they came from.

Slade talks to Shado and, knowing what he's going through, asks her to comfort Oliver. He finds a map, similar to the one provided to him by ASIS. Later, Slade sees Oliver and Shado by the river, becoming closer. He reminds Oliver that women can be a distraction, and that that can get him killed, as they leave the riverside. They go to the location in the picture, and Oliver soon after directs him and Shado to a cave. There he discovers a blade, in which he says is 60 years-old, and they also discover the remains of World War II Japanese soldiers.  Slade has Oliver tag along with him to scout for the new threat to the island, telling him that Shado can take care of herself as they leave. As they are going up to higher ground, Slade once again reminds Oliver that woman can be a distraction, while in conversation Slade almost falls off the cliff side if not for Oliver catching him in time. Slade and Oliver make it to the top of the cliff and spy the ship firing at a fixed location where they work out is where the plane is which causes Oliver to run with Slade giving chase. Slade is chasing Oliver while the area is still under fire. Slade is last seen being hit by an explosion, with his hands and the right side of his face on fire, yelling in pain.
Slade Wilson with a half-covered face

Slade survived the attack and is seeking refuge on the island. The explosion has left severe burns on one side of his face, however, as Shado tends to his wounds. Despite his warning to leave him for safety, Shado declares that she is here to stay, and would never leave anyone she cared for alone.  Slade is still weak and extreme pain, with a herbal ointment covering to the right side of his face. When Anthony Ivo's soldiers attack the plane, Slade and Shado hide. Although quite bruised, they later managed to rescue Oliver and Sara Lance from Ivo. Oliver says that if they find the serum, it could possibly heal Slade's wounds.  The group find the submarine and the Mirkauru on-board but can't find a sedative to give Slade first. Oliver gives Slade a choice as the injection without a sedative could kill him but Slade agrees but before Oliver gives it to him he confesses his romantic feelings for Shado. Oliver then injects the Mirakuru into him. The injection causes blood to come out of his eyes, and then he collapses into unconsciousness though the others believe him to be dead. When Ivo catches up with the group he checks Slade's pulse and appears to be dead. But Slade awakens a few minutes after his injection with Mirakuru, calling Shado's name. He runs to the site where Ivo has killed Shado, and thanks to his Mirakuru-enhanced physical capabilities, he easily slaughters Ivo's men. He then picks up Shado's body and vows that the person responsible for her death will suffer.

Slade, Oliver and Sara bury Shado next to Yao Fei and Robert Queen's gravesites where Slade hands Oliver Shado's hood acknowledging that Oliver was the one she cared for. Later Slade wants to get geared up to kill Ivo and his men but Sara tells him that he can't handle it by himself but this enrages Slade as Sara was working for Ivo but when Oliver tries to break them up, Slade starts chocking Oliver to death until Sara uses a tree branch to stop him before he Sara tells him that the Mirakuru is affecting his mind. Later without Sara or Oliver, Slade takes the Mirakuru serums and heads after Ivo himself.[19] Slade uses Fyers’ missile launcher and intended to open fire on the freighter until he was confronted by Oliver and Sara who threatened to kill Oliver but he managed to make him see reason using Shado and Joe. He then sat down and questioned what was happening to him, Oliver promised him that he wasn't going to give up on his friend and soon proclaimed they were going to take the freighter from Ivo.  Slade, Oliver and Sara are observing Ivo's ship from a cliphead until they hear a plane flying overhead. The three try to get it's attention but it is shot down, the pilot dying. Slade and Oliver rush back to the plane to get medical supplies but arrive too late. They do however find a parachute in the pilot's plane.

Slade observes Oliver’s training and is impressed. Slade agrees that they should burn the last remaining Mirakuru prior to their attack on the freighter. Before attacking the ship Slade notes the first time they attempted to escape was as strangers but now was as brothers. As they reach the freighter, Slade tells Oliver and Sara not to kill Ivo as he wants Ivo for himself. Slade learns the truth about Shado after listening in to Oliver and Ivo's conversation. An enraged Slade attacks Oliver violently but Oliver slips away from him as explosions occur on the freighter. As Oliver attempts to escape the freighter, Slade grabs Oliver by the leg and imprisons him. When the Butcher, the ship's captain orders him to enter the cell with Oliver, he refuses. He crushes the skull of the Butcher who attempts to shoot him and declares himself the new captain. Later, he would ask Ivo to show him how he killed Shado and then lacerates Ivo's hand. Slade then promises to Oliver he will make him suffer in the same way he suffered before killing him.

Slade continues to torture Oliver on the Amazo while having his crew repair the ship, but are unable to repair the damage to the engines. Slade contacts Sara on the island and demands that Hendrick Von Arnim, an engineer who escaped in the siege, be handed over or Oliver dies, electrocuting him in the process. Slade also brands Oliver with the same tattoo Shado had to remind him of her death until his death, eventually Sara also agreed to hand Hendrick over.

Slade returns Oliver and Ivo both to the island in exchange for Hendrick, who has been secretly rigged with explosives, but as his men take him outside Slade senses the explosives due to Mirakuru and removes and disables them. He then wants to kill Sara and Oliver but has a hallucination about Shado who tells him to leave them on the island forever. As Slade walks outside he tells Oliver that once the ship is ready, he is going after his family. Later Slade had his men take Sara on the island  and locked her in a cell. When Oliver sneaks aboard to free her and find the Mirakuru cure Ivo mentioned, Slade was waiting with the cure in his hands and had Oliver and Sara captured.

Slade forces Oliver and Sara to watch as he injects unwilling prisoners with the remaining Mirakuru but Oliver and Sara pleaded with him to release them and to come to his senses, but his hallucinations of Shado instead convince him to kill them. He puts his mask on and prepares to kill both, but Anatoly fires a torpedo from the submarine, which causes the ship to split in half and Oliver uses the chance to destroy the Mirakuru in a resulting fire. But Slade engages Oliver and throws Sara into the split which apparently causes her to drown. Oliver out of anger attempts to fight back but is completely outmatched. Before he can kill Oliver however some rubble falls from the ceiling and traps Slade. Oliver has the choice to either kill Slade or cure him. However, after more taunts from Slade, Oliver chooses to kill Slade by stabbing him in the eye with his arrow. The ship sinks and Oliver is saved by A.R.G.U.S. from the remains of the ship.
After Lian YuEdit

While it was presumed that he was dead Slade in fact survived Oliver's attack. He swam to the nearest coast line but was cut down to the bones by the rocks and debris in the ocean. The Mirakuru regenerated everything but his eye. After the island Slade attempted to forget everything that happened but it would still haunt him.Slade would eventually become a mercenary that A.R.G.U.S. would codename

When Oliver was rescued by Chinese fishermen near the island Slade’s mask could be seen on the shoreline.

(Note: Credit goes to this http://arrow.wikia.com/wiki/Slade_Wilson )


       Peak of superhuman physical condition:
       Enhanced strength:
       Enhanced durability:
       Enhanced stamina:
       Enhanced speed:
       Enhanced agility:
       Enhanced senses:
       Rapid cell regeneration:


   Peak of human physical condition:
   Master marksman/Firearms:
   Master swordsman:
   Master stick fighter:
   Master knife-thrower:
   Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist:
   High-level intellect/Master tactician/Leader:
   Eidetic memory:
   High tolerance for pain:

Foes: Oliver Queen
Friends: Pending
Slade Wilson

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Re: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

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