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Eris Landon (Wildfire)

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Eris Landon (Wildfire)

Post by Eris Landon on Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:09 am

Full Name: Eris Landon
Alias: Wildfire
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 20
Play-By: Lily Collins
Physical Description: See Pictures
Occupation: N/A
Affiliation: Civilians

Family Information:
Father: James Landon
Mother: Christina Landon (deceased)
Family Background: The Landons are known for their intelligence, as many of them are in mathematic or scientific fields of work, with James Landon specializing in genetics.
History: Eris' mother died of cancer three years after she was born, so for most of her life she was raised by her father.  He was always obsessing over his work, moving towards a goal that was not entirely moral.  Eris never identified that he was doing anything less than good, or that he was testing her for years.  By the time she was ten, the two practically lived at his laboratory, but Eris did not feel that her father was ignoring her since she was essentially all he concentrated on.
For years it went unnoticed how he was gradually adjusting his project to fit her genetic code.  When she turned seventeen he began introducing her to injections, which she went along with since she trusted him.  Unknowingly, she was allowing herself to be subjected to substances that would add extra parts to her genetics.  After three more years Doctor Landon went forward with the next step, one that his associates disagreed with.  Eris was conscious only after the procedure ended, and found herself able to light herself on fire.  She ran, feeling scared and betrayed, and wound up near Starling City.  As she hardly socialized with others, she viewed the world through her father's eyes, that is, until he completed his experiment.  It was then that she rejected him and tried to start anew, but lacked a solid foundation to work on.
Prokinesis: The ability to control and create fire.
Regeneration: Her cells replace each other at a fast rate, allowing her to heal from wounds (burns, cuts, sprains, etc.) unless it is too extreme (bullet wounds, very deep and wide cuts, broken bones, severed limbs, etc.), in which case it is simply accelerated slightly.
Foes: Pending
Friends: Pending

Profile // 21 // Civilian
Strike a match and watch it burn, you can't deny its beauty.

Eris Landon
Eris Landon

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Re: Eris Landon (Wildfire)

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:19 pm


Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul
League of Assassins
League of Assassins

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