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Amriel (Angel of the month of May)

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Amriel (Angel of the month of May)

Post by Amriel on Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:52 pm

Full Name: Amriel
Alias: Angel of the Month of May
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: Older than we care to mention
Play-By: (Celeb) Carrie Underwood
Physical Description: Blond, Blue-eyed, and Beautiful
Occupation: Just being her beautiful self
Affiliation: The heavens

Family Information:
Name: Haniel
Age: Unknown
Race: Angel

Name: Machidiel
Age: Unknown
Race: Angel

Name: Mihael
Age: Unknown
Race: Angel

Name: Arenia
Age: Unknown
Race: Angel

Name: Adonis
Age: Unknown
Race: Angel

Name: Adena
Age: Unknown
Race: Angel

Family Background: There is not much about her family background that can be said other than she is a angel from the heavens and was born of the heavens and look out of the creatures and humans on earth below her.
History: When Amriel was born it was obvious to all those around her that like all the Angels that she was beautiful and was to be loved by all. Amriel had been promised in marriage to Haniel when she was born. Of course this was not to take place until she was of age. Once she turned 16 she was married to Haniel and birthed him 5 children. She loved her husband with all of her heart and would do anything he asked of her. Haniel was the Guardian of the tree of Life so he trained all of the children along with Amriel herself to preserve life and peace itself.

Amriel does not do much since all of the children are grown. She keeps busy helping out around the world as she is needed. She does anything of course that her husband asks her to do. She of course has her own mind, but she loves to please her husband. She is a very happy and out going person and is always helping someone.
Cosmic Awareness
Energy Manipulation
Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition
Malleable Anatomy/Shapeshifting
Spirit Physiology
Illusion Manipulation
Common Powers:
Death Sense
Decelerated Aging or Semi-Immortality
Dream Manipulation
Elemental Manipulation
Light Manipulation
Fire Manipulation
Elemental Mimicry/Energy Physiology
Gravity Manipulation
Health Optimization
Holy Fire Manipulation
Light Element Manipulation
Holy Water Manipulation
Light Earth Manipulation
Light Wind Manipulation
White Fire Manipulation
White Lightning Manipulation
Mental Manipulation
Space-Time Manipulation
Floor tilting
Infinite Supply
Temporal Healing
Psychic Navigation
Weather Manipulation
(Please keep in mind this is just a list of what she could possibly do, doesn’t mean she will use everything on the list. And never without consulting the others she role plays with)

Foes: Anyone that wants to destroy the delicate balance of life
Friends: Anyone that wants peace among the world.

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Re: Amriel (Angel of the month of May)

Post by Mirena on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:07 pm


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