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Aiden Harvey

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Aiden Harvey Empty Aiden Harvey

Post by Aiden Harvey on Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:41 am

Full Name: Aiden Harvey
Alias: --
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Age: 21
Play-By: (Celeb) Theo James
Physical Description: Aiden is a fairly tall and athletic person with short brown hair and ice-blue eyes. He tends to wear jeans and button up tops. He also likes wearing leather pants and jackets.  
Occupation: University Student taking a Major in Law
Affiliation: N/A at the moment

Family Information:
Mother; Janet Harvey, 45, dead
Father; Jacob Harvey, 49, dead
Sister; Kanon Harvey, 14, alive
Family Background: The Harvey’s are a fairly rich high class family that have been around since the 1700’s. They have lived fairly comfortably not wasting any of their money on useless things. The Harvey’s have mainly been involved in the medical fields working as Doctors, nurses or even pharmacists.  
History: Born as the oldest child, Aiden was always pressured by his parents to be the best in everything he could be. When he was seven his younger sister was born and she was practically the apple in Aiden’s eye. To him she could do nothing wrong.

When Aiden was 18 and his sister Kanon 11, their parents died in an airplane crash that took away more than hundred lives. Thankfully Aiden had been given full control over the Harvey family money when he turned eighteen so he and his sister had enough money to live comfortably. Aiden had decided that a change of scenery was needed. So after selling their house in New York Aiden moved them to Starling City.

There Aiden and Kanon quickly found themselves integrating with the city. Kanon went to a public middle school while Aiden went to University taking a major in Law.

Being pretty protective of his sister, Aiden had taken to secretly training himself. He started this when he was thirteen and had been training since then. As of this moment Aiden is pretty good at bare handed fighting, sword fighting and using the guns.

At the moment he isn’t affiliated with anyone in Sterling City but he knows that could change.

Abilities: Agility, Eidetic Memory, Strength, Expert Marksman

Foes: Not many at the moment
Friends: Apart from his sister, he doesn’t really have any friends yet
Aiden Harvey
Aiden Harvey

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Aiden Harvey Empty Re: Aiden Harvey

Post by Oliver Queen on Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:01 am

Aiden Harvey Wkoe9l

Aiden Harvey Mmpkyc
Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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