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Avariona(Queen of Alevarion)

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Avariona(Queen of Alevarion)

Post by Avariona on Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:19 pm

Full Name: Avariona (Rachel, Edwards)
Alias: Queen of Alevarion
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 30(30,000)
Play-By: (Celeb) Claire Holt
Physical Description: Look at Picture
Occupation: Queen of Alevarion
Affiliation: Alevarion

Family Information:

Lucifer Edwards(Son)

Family Background:

Avariona was a Princess to an ally planet of Alevarion. Was a fine woman, a powerful one. She helped many of the people of the planet come to victory and brought lots of resources for the planet and Alevarion. Avariona was chosen to wed Eldron. And so she did. Learning do do everything he asked of her if he didn't then she will simply learn pain. Avariona has a strong desire to watch planets burn. All of them. After five thousand years of marriage, She finally bare Eldron a child. A Son non the less.



Racial Abilities:


   Elemental Manipulation
   Magic Attacks
   Magic Combat
   Power Absorption

Defensive Magic

   Force-Field Generation
   Magical Energy Absorption

Miscellaneous Abilities

   Energy Constructs
   Magical Energy Manipulation
   Magic Aura
   Magic Sensing
   Personal Domain
   Potion Creation - for various purposes (i.e. explosive, healing)
   Reality Warping
   Spell Casting
       Spell Amplification
       Spell Creation
       Spell Destabilization
       Spell Mixture
       Spell Negation

Alternative Classification

Magical Energy Manipulation: The key power that allows one to use Magic; the powers are based around certain concepts/categories.

   Abjuration: The power to protect/heal.
       Force-Field Generation

   Conjuration: The power to transport living and non-living things.

   Divination: The power to gain information.
       Extrasensory Perception
       Magic Sensing

   Enchantment: The power to influence the minds/emotions.
       Emotion Manipulation
       Mental Manipulation

   Evocation: The power to control the forces of Nature for a variety of effects.
       Elemental Manipulation
       Energy Manipulation

   Illusion: The power to create illusions.
       Illusive Appearance
       Psychosomatic Illusion
       Subjective Reality: create illusions that become partially real.

   Necromancy: The power to manipulate the forces of Death.
       Undead Manipulation

   Transmutation: The power to transform living or non-living things.
       Elemental Transmutation

   Animal Magic
   Blood Magic
   Chaos Magic
   Chi Magic
   Creation Magic
   Crystal Magic
   Dark Arts
   Demonic Magic
   Destruction Magic
   Divine Magic
   Dragon Magic
   Druidic Magic
   Elemental Magic
   Emblem Magic
   Eye Magic
   Linguistic Magic
   Life Magic
   Music Magic
   Mystical Bardsmanship
   Ninja Magic
   Pain Magic
   Paper Charm Magic
   Sex Magic
   Shadow Magic
   Spell Casting
   Spirit Magic
   Stellar Magic
   Symbol Magic
   Technological Magic
   Weather Magic
   White Arts
   Wish Granting
   Void Magic
   Unplottable Magic
Celestial Magic
Dragon Magic
Chaos Magic
Demonic Magic
Magic Immunity


Adapt Combatant
Basic Marksman
Adapt Swordswoman
Genius Intellect
All Tongue: Knows every Language
Master Hammer Mastery: Is a Master with the Hammer
High Tolerance for Pain

Foes: Alevarion's enemies
Friends: Her Family

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Re: Avariona(Queen of Alevarion)

Post by Oliver Queen on Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:29 pm


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen

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