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Samuel Lionheart

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Samuel Lionheart

Post by Sam Lionheart on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:50 pm

Full Name: Samuel Lionheart
Alias: Eternal Wind
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 19
Play-By: (Celeb) Austin Butler
Physical Description: Take a look at the picture
Occupation: Multi-millionaire, University student
Affiliation: Citizen,

Family Information:

Anubis Lionheart: Grandfather
Cleopatra Lionheart: Grandmother
Casper Lionheart: Father
Lillian Lionheart: Mother
Juliana Lionheart: Older Sister
Exodus Lionheart: Older Brother
Violet Lionheart: Older Sister
Red Lionheart: Older Sister
Blue Lionheart: Older Brother
Harlow Lionheart: Eldest Sister
Romania Lionheart: Older Sister
Shadow Lionheart: Older Brother
Indus Lionheart: Older Sister
Alexis Lionheart: Older Sister
Alyssa Lionheart: Older Sister
Nigel Lionheart: Eldest Brother
Cole Lionheart: Older Brother
Richard Lionheart: Older Brother
Henry Lionheart: Older Brother
Max Lionheart: Older Brother
Justin Lionheart: Older Brother
Edward Lionheart: Older Brother
Julian Lionheart: Older Brother
Manora Lionheart: Older Sister
Ayra Lionheart: Older Sister
Aya Lionheart: Older Sister
Audrey Lionheart: Older Sister
Adeline Lionheart: Older Sister
Madeline Lionheart: Older Sister
Sarah Lionheart: Older Sister
Francisca Lionheart: Older Sister
Francisco Lionheart: Older Brother
Paul Lionheart: Older Brother
Joseph Lionheart: Older Brother
Jasper Lionheart: Younger Brother

Family Background:

Family History:

The Lionheart Family Dates back to 5,000 B.C. The First Lionheart was not human but was a God. Casper is a God, His wife was a Demon. Casper's Mother was a Angel, and Father was a God, Casper's wife’s Father was an Archdemon and the Mother was a Fey. His Father had gone to war with The Greek Gods because The Greek Gods had decided it was unbalanced at how many Godly Children were made, so for Eight Hundred years of Battle, Casper finally won alone by himself. Casper resumed creating children. It came to a point while He had so many that he had to teach them how to fight and be different than others. It was rather odd. But to be different they had to adapt to the world around them and not use theirs powers as they wished. And so they did. Now in today's life each of the Family Members are rich and have Power.

Samuel Lionheart's History:

Born to Casper and Lillian Lionheart and being born as the third youngest with tens of older siblings, Samuel had everything a kid of a God and Demon could want. He had the money, he had the power and he had the prestige. It was life that he enjoyed thoroughly.

Growing up fairly quickly, Sam was taught how to fight by his father and his older brothers until he became old enough to learn himself. He soon learnt that he had the power to manipulate the five elements with wind being his strongest element to manipulate and earth the weakest. Through learning the elements he also learnt how to control the shadows.

Unlike his siblings, either his oldest or his youngest, Sam did not let the power he found be something that he would count on all the time. Sure he trained up his power but he refused to let the power control him. Unlike some of his older siblings and Jasper, he did not let the power corrupt him and instead trained to reign it in until he needed it the most.
He only uses his power in the most of dire of consequences otherwise he relies on his martial arts and his swords.

Currently he is a sophomore at Uni studying Business. He is also quite loaded and through getting a Major in Business he plans on expanding his fortune.

Powers; Elemental and Shadow Control
Skills; Martial Arts (Karate, Judo), Hand to Hand Combat, Sword master, Business, Languages, Manipulation,

Foes: Pending
Friends: Pending
Sam Lionheart
Sam Lionheart

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Re: Samuel Lionheart

Post by Oliver Queen on Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:11 pm


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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