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Riddler - Businessman Edward {Lucian's canon tool}

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Riddler - Businessman Edward {Lucian's canon tool}

Post by Riddler on Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:43 am

Full Name:
Edward Nigma {Nygma}
Alias:Riddler {Villain alter ego}
other notible alias's - E. Nigma (Nygma), Edward "Eddie" Nashton, Eddie Nash, Patrick Parker, Enigma, Mr. E, Sean Shivell, Edgar Nygma, Edmond Nichols, Mister Reese
Sexual Orientation:Unknown sexual oriental
Age:Unlocatable age, presumed late twentys to late thirties
Play-By: (Celeb)Jim Carrey {riddler}

Cory Michael Smith {business man alter ego}

Physical Description: Green eyes yet when he is businessman and law abiding citizen Edward he uses color changing contacts to make his eyes blue.
Normally his hair is a fiery red shade. When he is businessman and law abiding citizen Edward he has it died with a temporary black hair coloring that easily washes out.
He is six foot one inches. He weighs one hundred eighty-three pouds, approximately eighty-three kilograms.
When he is law abiding business man edward he dresses in a buiness suit and wears glasses that hold no true prescription to them As the riddler he wears a green suit or a suit specifically tailored and seen in the batman film.
other affiliations - Secret Society of Super, Legion Of Doom, Secret Six

Family Information:see history urls for more information
his daughter {by queen of harem} - name pending Kris's creating
queen of the harem - name pending thana semele's creating
Family Background:unknown see urls for more information
History:for indepth history click upon the urls
{wikipedia generic wiki page} http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riddler
here for dc comics informations
{19852011} http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Edward_Nashton_%28New_Earth%29
{2011-present day} http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Edward_Nygma_%28Prime_Earth%29
When The Joker's plan came to full effect, meaning the entire city of Gotham save those in Arkham Asylum or not in the city vanished, when the jail break occured he too vanished. He has taught his daughter from the queen of his once great harem all his tricks. She lives with her mother and as far as he knew, neither of them were in Gotham, when everyone vanished. Little by little from the shadows he has watched one or two people return. No batman yet, and very few citizens. He has noticed as the weeks passed others are returning. The Joker pulled an escape and went back. He awaits communication with the other villains and until then has turned his focus towards Central City and Starling City's. As well as to reunite with the queen of his harem, with whom he may be harboring more intimately romantic sentimentalities towards beyond just that of a sexual and lustful nature. Of which he would deny as he has a harem for a reason.

Abilities:Genius Level Intellect {Supreme problem-solver, criminal mastermind. He is a genius with brilliant deductive power. His mind excels with puzzles, minds games, and manipulations. }
Investigation {He possesses great deductive skills and analytic ability. Subcategory is tactical analysis}
-Tactical Analysis {should be self explainatory}
Computer Hacking {self explainatory}
Escapology {Riddler can think of over forty ways to escape his cell at Arkham Asylum, although never using any strategy until the time is right. Riddler is adept in escapology. Since childhood Edward has been a big fan of the late great Harold Houdini. Using this skill to build his infamous elaborate death traps and easily escape handcuffs. Like the Joker, he can escape the high security hospital Arkham Asylum whenever he pleases. }
Paraphernelia:his weapon - Riddler's Staff
Weaknesses:Obsession {His riddles are in fact a bizarre obsessive compulsion; his attempts to stop himself from sending them has met with failure time and time again. This extends to the fact he cannot simply kill his opponents when he has the upper hand, but prefers to put them in a deathtrap to see if he can devise a life and death intellectual challenge that the hero cannot escape. However, compared to Batman's other themed enemies, Riddler's compulsion is quite flexible, allowing him to commit any crime as long as he can describe it in a riddle or puzzle.}
Mental Illness
the queen of his harem {name pending}
his daughter {name pending}
Friends:rarely takes true friends. The queen of his harem, name pending, and his daughter, name pending, are the only people you could truly classify as friends. He has numerous partnerships the most notable listed below.
Mad Hatter
Red Hood
The Joker
The Penguin

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Re: Riddler - Businessman Edward {Lucian's canon tool}

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:10 am


Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
Ra's al Ghul
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League of Assassins

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