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Daughter Of Riddles ~ Lily Bloodrose

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Daughter Of Riddles ~ Lily Bloodrose

Post by Lily Krisana Bloodrose on Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:57 am

Full Name:
Lily Krisana Bloodrose
Alias:Riddles Pandora Box
Sexual Orientation:dun know and dun care...guess she open minded or two young

Play-By: (Celeb)Mackenzie Foy
 Physical Description: in the summer its an auburnish reddish brown...in winter it darkens up...her hair. She has long hair that mommy braids or puts into twintails
Occupation:princess of riddles, being a child, homeschooling student
Affiliation: citizen

Family Information:Mommy ~ (current alias) Violet Bloodrose, alive
Daddy ~ Riddler, alive,
Family Background:see riddler and violet when she is up
History:Mommy keeps her quite sheltered but she does know she takes after her father the Riddler a lot. She hopes that one day mommy and daddy will marry but doesn't want them to have other babies. She is very much like her father and her favorite catch phrase is Riddle Me This...the first words out of her mouth were Mama, Dada, Riddle. In that order. She and her mother don't live with her father but they do visit Gotham and Arkham at times. She is a good kid who can be a bit selfish. She never intentionally does things that hurt others. She loves riddles and mind teasers. She is always trying to practice to be just like daddy who in her mind is a super hero. She is raised on the good side of the law and quite ignorant to the fact people see daddy as evil. She views her mommy and daddy as superheros who can do no wrong.

Abilities:*Genius Level Intellect :Supreme problem-solver who will rival her father someday, a young borderline "child" criminal mastermind. She is a genius with brilliant deductive power. Her mind excels with puzzles, minds games, and manipulations.

*Investigation : currently its a lot like sherlock holmes, gregory house, etc in the package of a child style
~Tactical Analysis: Its not fully developed yet due to age but she does come up with some mindboggling plans usually to getcandy.

*Untrained Computer Hacking: she doesn't entirely get what she does she just hits things and they usually work to her advantage

*Escapology: she is very good at this just like her father. even as early as a year old she was escaping child safety devices, cribs and much more.

*Runeology: she shows an inate talent and knowledge or ability to understand runes and ancient forms of writing. Including aztec or alien languages that are written. Its hard to notice at the moment. She may eventually be able to use this as a form of symbological based magic attacks but this remains unknown.

Foes:anyone who hurts mommy or upsets daddy, pending
Friends:Mommy, Daddy, allies of daddy riddler, anyone who likes riddles, pending
Lily Krisana Bloodrose
Lily Krisana Bloodrose

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Re: Daughter Of Riddles ~ Lily Bloodrose

Post by Oliver Queen on Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:45 am


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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