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Tazer ~ Americano Hellion

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Tazer ~ Americano Hellion Empty Tazer ~ Americano Hellion

Post by Tazer on Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:03 pm

Tazer ~ Americano Hellion 28ffc43238a9d0dc7d0a49b1d8543835
Full Name:unknown but he was named Ariston Barak by queen aldora...goes by Tazer
Alias:Hellion, Americano Devil, Tazmanian, various others
Sexual Orientation:if its hot i might bang it...don't really got a preference
Age: 14 maybe 15 by human appearance, Tharane age he is thousands upon thousands of years old.
Play-By: (Celeb)Kise Ryouta (anime)
Tazer ~ Americano Hellion Wlpwnl

Physical Description: golden eyes, everlasting childlike features, golden brown or blonde hair
Occupation:Young Criminal Mastermind, Juvenile Deliquent, Bonefiied American Hellion, Gunsmith, and various others.
Affiliation: Citizen, Intergalactic Royal Emissary

Family Information:none he is street
Family Background:unknown
History:Tazer is of the everlasting youth group. A small group that was home to the planet prior to its original invasions by two of the other dominate racial groups there. A group of migratory humans from a parallel dimension also call Tharane home. He lived at the age of 30 in Tharane years...looked six months old at the future palace of Queen Aldora. When Aldora came and was viewed as a goddess...his small group of Tharaneians stayed in the castle. Due to his being born of the high priestess who died in childbirth he was an orphan. Who quickly grew attached to Aldora. He then looked around 1 or two. He grew up in the castle and calls her mom...in private.

He was sent on a search and retrieve mission for an escape pod that Caius had lost during the attempted rescue of it by Aldora. When he was injured upon impact he looked no more than five perhaps. Hence why he believes he was born and bred on the streets. His temporary amnesia will fade over time and once he encounters certain people or scenarios it will all come back.

he was raised and bred...so he claims...on the streets of the usa. Tazer's biggest issue and strength has been proven to be in the fact that he don't know how to stay down when he battered broken and bleeding. he keeps getting back up and spits ut the blood going obviously you suck or hit like a grandma...if you were really tough I'd not have got back up.

He has repeatedly shown that he is reckless a wild ass little hellion with a mild peter pan complex in the fuck you all I ain't growing up so what you think i'm a brat. At one point he was at one point falsely accused as a terrorist. During the interrogation by the detectives and the district attorny he mouthed off going there is a difference between alkaida and a bonefied born and bred little American terror.  Amongst these crimes he has two counts of sodimizing with a foreign object known gangstas.

Some of his  other crimes and rap shit include but are not limited to drifting, mechanic work of the criminal variety, tinkering, bomb building, hot wiring, arms dealing, illegal fire arms forging and selling, street racing. assault and battery...one count putting a cop in the hospital which got him a year due to he was seven and locked in a psychiatric institute despite he is perfectly sane. All in all, he is quite proud of it, he already got a rap sheet that makes some them biker gangs that the real deal type like sons of anarchy look like choir boys.
Tazer ~ Americano Hellion Ryoy_by_silentakiel-d661frc
Abilities: not truly abilities but he is a master pickpocket, thief, con artist, negotiator, sticky fingers, escape artist, strategist, master of houdini acts, lock picking, safe breaking, drifting and much more that are all mundane skills.

* indicates category
~indicates abilities contained within this category that are connected to it.

*Racial Traits: He like many of the citizens of Tharane have golden eyes. Other traits are iradescent white skin ( a trait he didnot possess). Golden brown or blond hair (a trait he possesses) There are many interracial groups on Tharane. The smallest group is gifted with something called everlasting youth. This is basically meaning genetically the oldest his small group of queen Aldora's subject get to look is like 16 or 17 if they are "god" gifted. others who are thousands of years old look no more than like 8-14.

*Alien Phisology ~ The "Childlike" Tharane Race: These are the alien phisology and abilites found in his small group of Tharanes. Which was dwindled down to being no more than 20 or so when the other two centuries later now prominate Tharane races took over. Along with the others. The two groups that invaded took on some traits that allowed them to survive on tharane. The ones below are from the small group of "Childlike Tharanes" that were born from the loins of the planet itself when the planet first came to life.

        ~Everlasting Youth: his racial traits explain it too but his group which is very small and less than 2% of tharane population have everlasting youth. forever child like...most look no older than 8-12. some older ones look 13-15. only the high priestess and her ancestors have been known to get to look as old and tall as a 16-17 year old earthling.

        ~Cheat Death (outside the actual description his racial traits explain this as well)

        ~Inhanced Intelligence (Tharane is technologically advanced to the point they can mask the true number of population on their planet. placing them above most other alien races and so far out of earth technology levels)

        ~Enhanced Senses (sense of smell, taste, hearing, etc)

        ~Superhuman Endurance, Stamina & Duribility

        ~self sustenance : the ability to survive in harsh environments without air, food, or water. due to his mother being the high priestess its unknown but he could survive unaided within the vaccum of space. this has been untested but the childlike tharanes may also thus be able to Interstellar Travel...it is unknown if true or not due to the fact they have intergalatic space vessels.

       ~Telepathy : mind to mind communication. the childlike tharane race, however, has to create bonds with non-childlike tharane races or people on a mental, spiritual or intimate level in order to use this. They can't just receive or transmit to people willy nilly. The Childlike Tharane's didn't need to make a bond to each other but with other races they have to concentrate and create a bond. This bond doesn't severe unless done by the creator themselves.
       ~Psychic Link[b/] : the ability to connect their minds with others or create bonds to enable interracial telepathic communications...or bonds as the childlike tharanes refer to it as. (connected to Telepathy)

       ~Psychokinesis: a rare gift amongst the childlike Tharanes that was only found in the high priestess (deceased) and now her son who was raised by Aldora. This ability is one that allows a variety of telekinetic type abilities which does not include telepathy, teleportation, forcefield generation, empathy or clairavoyance type abilities such as remote viewing, psychometry (past reading), visions, foretelling of the future etc.

         ~Antipathy : the childlike Tharane's telepathic ability grants them the ability to not be invaded or affected by mind control abilities such as mind control, fear projectng, illusions, hypnosis, etc...outsider telepathy, empathic readings, psychic scannings, etc. The only telepathy that can come and go is from those who have a telepathic bond created by himself. This works as a double edged sword in the fact of if they severe a bond with one of their own race they can never recreate or restore it. Due to this however they seem to have an extremely vunerability to those gifted with vampirism that specialize in psychic or energy or emotion draining
*Inherited From Mother: Healing of self and others of injuries and illnesses. Its most effective and less draining when its minor. Best effects and speediest, less taxing of it,, requires contact but should be able to heal from most injuries. healing and regrowth of limbs takes it out of them and makes them sleep for 8-12 hours depending on the size of limb. He is also able to do injury or illness transferal from himself, or others, to some other person but this isagonizingly painful on him and leaves him feeling ill.

~Natural/Born with~
*Eidetic Kinesthian:  is the ability to instantly mimic any physical skill including various fighting techniques, acrobatics or weapon skills. However, he doesn't forever know how to do this unless he actually trains in them. He does know some weapon skills and martial arts but this is an ability where against a foe he simply mimics or mirror's them.

*Elemental Transmutation: Elemental Transmutation is the ability to alter the chemical structure of a volume of mass, changing it from one element to another. However, his only works on inorganic or non humanoid/human things. He can essentially turn straw into gold..for example. When he reaches around 8000 years of age he will probably be able to use it for himself. However, at the time being he can only do it to not people things.

*Call Of The Wild : Is an ability that is really justa combination of animal telepathy, animal empathy, animal control, animal summons. It is one he has to concentrate on and rarely ever uses but its truly his only truly intended for offensive ability. This is strongest in land animals but works also for sea animals, critters and bugs. Later on he will gain the abiltiy for Animal Mimicry but right now that ability is dormant.

    ~Animal & Creature Empathy: able to feel or sense what the animal or creature is feeling such as threatened fearful hungry etc.

    ~Animal & Creature Telepathy: mentally communicate with, speak to understand, talk to without creating a bond all animal and creature based lifeforms. With other worlds creatures having a translator like aliens use to communicate with each other or humans would be helpful in speeding up understanding them.

    ~Animal & Creature Control: call or summon animals or creatures like sea based, insects, spiders, etc

    ~Animal & Creature Mimicry DORMANT : will have a time limit of two hours in this form before automatically shifts back. Depending on type of form taken the limit could be as short as an hour. Plus there is a stand by period after shifting into human form again where he is dazed for like 30-60 seconds
Tazer ~ Americano Hellion Image

Foes:the law, Caius & Asmund (enemies of his mother), enemies of tharane (temporarily forgotten) pending
Friends:Aldora (his adopted mother), Skai Deluca (adopted older sisters), Sam Lionheart (best friend & business partner/ally), Thana Semele (friend), pending

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Tazer ~ Americano Hellion Empty Re: Tazer ~ Americano Hellion

Post by Oliver Queen on Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:14 pm

Tazer ~ Americano Hellion 2chgs4

Tazer ~ Americano Hellion Mmpkyc
Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
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