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Sirena Vetrov

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Sirena Vetrov Empty Sirena Vetrov

Post by Sirena Vetrov on Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:23 pm

Full Name: Sirena Vetrov
Alias: Nancy Drew
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Play-By: (Celeb)Hillary Duff
Physical Description:
Occupation: Reporter/PI
Affiliation: None

Family Information:There is not much that Sirena knows about her background because she was raised in the county orphanage.  She had been there since she was three and all she was told that some lady dropped her off and begged them to protect her baby.  So if Sirena has family she has yet to discover who they are because the information that was given to the orphanage led to two people whom had been dead for a long time, too long to have been her parents.

Family Background: Read Family Information and History

History:No one at the orphanage could understand why anyone would want to give a sweet loving child away for no reason.  Just drop them off on the steps of the orphanage with nothing but a note.  Sirena tried to be happy with her new surroundings, but she always felt like she didn’t quite belong with them.  She tried to get along with everyone as she grew older and because she was kind hearted the nuns always liked her best and she became the brunt of many bullies.  She never understood why they hated her when all she did was to follow the rules and be nice to everyone.  

As Sirena grew older she withdrew from everyone and began to get lost in the books she would read wondering if her prince would come and rescue her.  She began to read a lot of Mysteries and decided that she would become a little Private Investigator and along those lines she decided to become a reporter so she could have a little more access to people and places.  She was determined to discover the secret of her past.  Once she turned 18 she was left to the world and once she was out there she discovered a whole new world.  Living in the orphanage they were not allowed out other than in the playground in the back courtyard.  The only TV they saw was when the warden allowed them to watch, most of the time they were not allowed to know what was in the outside world.

Sirena quickly learned many things being in the world.  She realized that the world was actually in chaos, there was rampant evil, and then you had the heroes that tried to save the world.  Sirena was fascinated by everything so when she was able to find some assistance she headed off to college to work on her degrees.  Many of her advisers did not think she would be able to handle the school given the education she was given, but she surprised them all when she got the highest grades in the class.  She took a job at the local paper and from there she began the task of reporting the news.

Abilities: Currently her Abilities are dormant.  But she is a elemental of all elements.

Foes: None as of Now
Friends: None as of Now
Sirena Vetrov
Sirena Vetrov

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Sirena Vetrov Empty Re: Sirena Vetrov

Post by Oliver Queen on Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:43 am

Sirena Vetrov Kq07s

Sirena Vetrov Mmpkyc
Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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