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MythoMagic Empty MythoMagic

Post by Aiden Harvey on Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:30 pm

Mytho Magic is a blending of greek mythology and the Percy Jackson universe's mythology. It's based loosely on the series it takes place after The Lightning Thief movie/book. While this is based off the series its not going to solely focus on Percy Jackson. That doesn't mean we won't possibly get to the books or even the Sea of Monsters movie.

All campers will start off as unclaimed unless they are canon and it was stated which godly parent they had. So everyone will start off in the Hermes cabin (11). The gods are the ones who will determine if you are their child. Like life, we can't choose our parents. They will see what your personality, traits, and what you are like in your posts before they claim you. Just remember that not everyone gets claimed.

It's currently 2011 and as far as the Percy Jackson universe he is 15 and the only thing that has happened so far is the Lightning Thief. We know that Kronos isn't as dead as everyone thought while the gods are in denial about him. Grover is off in search of Pan while Luke is off trying to recruit for Kronos.

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