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The Tables Have Turned (Zio)

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The Tables Have Turned (Zio)

Post by Alexei Feofan on Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:50 pm

Alexei had his room primed and ready for his guest. Oh this was going to be fun he was going to make Zio bow to him to love him. He wanted him and no one else. He was drawn to him for years. And was always left in the shadows to watch him run off with woman always hoping that it would be him. Ivan had to suffer a lot before he escaped from his grasp though he always managed to pull him in when he wanted again. However it was now time for a new slave one that he wanted for quite sometime.

Sitting in his chair he smiled at his work. Getting up he moved out of his room in the league's hang out. And went for search for Zio. When he found him he smirked slightly and grabbed him by his collar.
Alexei Feofan
League of Assassins
League of Assassins

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Re: The Tables Have Turned (Zio)

Post by Markelzio Martinez on Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:22 am

OOC: for any stalkers this is a switch/submissiveish Zio

Zio was a manhatter...he even mildly hated himself. He would make allies but in all honesty men disgusted him. His brother was too much of a "woman" to disgust him. His friends...the Feofans...were useful for people not saying he was an antisocial bastard. A cover story. He hated them even as much as he brotherly loved them. He was alright with homosexuality until you turned it his way then he'd hate you. He was livid because of things he refused to acknowledge. Lately his best friend and co-right hand of the demon known as Ra al Ghul  had been making more lewd advances. More frequently too...and he didn't like the way his own body was acting at times. Growling he slammed his fist into the table hard enough he made it bleed.

Disgusting! His hood over his form, no shirt, he was dressed in his style assassian with the whip off to the side, his blades in plain view but the guns well hidden beneath the hooded leather trenchcoat. Standing up he began to train. Kicking and punching with graceful and cat like flexibility and mobility. His body moved in ways few save the legendary Catwoman...of the century...could pull off. He made dances of death look like a sexual seduction. He knew it. Often used it to his advantage. Today he was feeling very anti-dominant...more middle liner.

He felt like he failed his twin. He'd just stopped training in his private areas...soundproof...when Alexei came in and grabbed him by his collar. Grabbing the others wrists tightly. "Alexei...if you wanted to have a secret meeting you should have asked. Unhand me." he said in a cold and clearly livid tone.
Markelzio Martinez
League of Assassins
League of Assassins

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