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Stephen Grey

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Stephen Grey

Post by Stephen Grey on Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:14 am

Full Name: Stephen Dornan Grey
Sexual Orientation: Straight duh
Age: 27
Play-By: (Celeb) Jamie Dornan
Physical Description:

Occupation: Being the master of his own army
Affiliation: None I follow my own way

Family Information:
Adopted Mother: Rachel Anastasia Grey
Adopted Father: Tedithor Richard Grey
Adopted Brother: Alex Charles Grey
Adopted Sister: Charolette Carmen Grey
Family Background:
His birth family were killed in a terrible crash and he spent several years fending on his own while living in an orphanage which turned out to be a place that sold it's the children to people to do whatever they wanted to them. He was eventually adopted to a family though he was more of a servant to the family and the lady of the households sex slave. No matter he still knew that this family cared for him even if it was just for his money.

History: Stephen spent from when he was three to when he was fifteen in an orphanage after the tragic death of his parents. When he was adopted he thought that he was going to stop being used by others but instead he began to be shaped into the family's slave. The lady of the household used him to give her pleasure when her husband was not around and sometimes even when the husband was around. She had a room where she would bind him in many different positions and have her way with him.

When he started attending collage he thought he could get away from the life but he kept being dragged back by his so called adopted mother. It wasn't until he had graduated and started his own business that he was finally able to break the chain. Though he was still forced to do some tasks every once in awhile he could refuse more often then not. However he began to look for others to feel the pain that he was given.

His desire made him look for those who were weak and vulnerable and build them up. Though he wasn't against a challenge and he occasionally decided to go for woman who had a high self image and viewed themselves as strong able to do whatever they wanted. These were always the fun ones to break to his will. Once they were completely broken he would build them up and teach them to fight for him.

Personality: Stephen is a strong man who wants everything his way. He shows control in all aspects in his life especially with his ladies. Though towards his adopted mom he is very submissive when she wants him to be as she was the one who broke him.
High Arousal to others
Ice elementalist

Foes: His mother
Friends: N/A
Stephen Grey
Stephen Grey

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Re: Stephen Grey

Post by Mirena on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:05 pm


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