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Jathiila Elani Demonix {Lucian's tool}

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Jathiila Elani Demonix {Lucian's tool}

Post by Jathiila Demonix on Wed Jun 24, 2015 5:24 am

Full Name:Jathiila Elani Demonix
Alias: it will be added later

Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
Age:21 approximately
Play-By: (Celeb)Elisha Cuthbert
Physical Description:

Occupation: meta human, doctor in central city

Affiliation: Heroes

Family Information:Mother
Name: Morticia Demonix
Age: 60
Living or Dead: Dead
Name: Gomez Demonix
Age: 70
Living or Dead: Dead
Family Background:will be in history

History:Jathiila's parents were both very successful wealthy famous humans in the human world, though quite known even in the creature world. Leaving her a vast fortune that gave a decent sized nest egg. In a comical way her parents were refered to by their neighbors as mr. and mrs. addams. Due to a few of their more, eccentric or crazy seeming quirks. Both her parents were madly in love and loved her. Her father was an actor, a choreographer, and in his later years a director for movies paid by Hollywood. Her mother was a singer, dancer, model and part time actress. That is how they met, fell in love, and as they say in the movies that's a wrap.

They were married at the ages of nineteen {Morticia} and twenty-one {Gomez}. They were married for over twenty years before they finally conceived Jathiila. Morticia was forty and Gomez was fifty. They had gone to fertility doctors due to his rising age for five years. One day Morticia was having irregular moodswings and imbalances. A trip to the hospital in Great Britian resulted in happy news. They were informed she was well and not entering menopause but three weeks pregnant. With their miracle baby. Both parents were fascinated yet completely at ease when their daughter began to show magical signs like their ancestors...it explained so much. They had always been supportive and encouraging with her over her being magically inclined.

Jathiila was the miracle baby her human parents prayed and wished for. When she was finally born it was plastered across the media. She was carried around in her infant clothing and blankets before the media. She never wanted for anything as a child. Not even love. Both her parents were actively in her life even with them both being busy people. When she was four something weird happened when she was throwing a tantrum. It was not thought much of at the time due to circumstantial facts. Such as the type of set they were on had special effects that happened to occur around the same time. Another incident occured a couple years prior yet went unnoticed due to the nanny who was babysitting that day was not paying attention.

She was raised in the spotlight and filled with love from her parents. She even acted in a few broadway productions or films. Went to an all girls private school that had mandatory uniforms and sisters running it. Up until she moved into a bordering school on earth after her abilities fully began awakening. At which time her parents helped her and even created an explaination for her disappearance that kept the media happy.

Her bubby and unique personality earned her a few enemies who were jealous yet also made her well loved by most. She graduated with excellences in all her courses of study. As well as at the Interpol trianing facility. She also took courses in the summertime during her teenage years in the human world studying criminology, forensics, and psychology. As well as a few other subjects. Finally getting a job at Interpol with her childhood friend Teyo, and after taking courses to become registered in Englands version of the c.i.a. in the muggle world. Never applying for a job there. Her parents were murdered shortly after her twentyth birthday. What she does now is classified information outside of the fact she is a british interpol worker. rumoredly MI6

A little over two years ago, Jathiila secretly rescued and nursed back to health a left for dead criminal known as Lord Greene. When he awoke he had no memory of his history and only over time has regained some childhood memories. After several years and many adventures she is starting out a new adventure as just married couple with the man of her dreams. Over the years other abilities have surfaced. She lives with her husband in Central city and has a medical practice there. She also volunteers as the main hospitals in Central City

Personality: Character Likes: men, adventure, danger, secrets, flowers, dueling, kick boxing, action films, flying, horror film, scaring people, fascinated with death and insanity, violence and docility
Character dislikes: prejudice, meaningless murder, vampires especially Balazar, Jared and Dastan, hurting people, care of magical creatures
Strengths: scaring people, understanding insanity, evasive and defensive combat, boxing, creepy horror film style scenes, using knives, dark arts, dueling, Psychology Major, Healing Major, profiling, mib and cia methods of working, undercover work
Weaknesses: inability for killing people, love for blood, horror films, potions, her fear of vampires spawning from witnessing an old generation vampires killing spree when she was a small child, hates hurting people
Quirks: has an odd habit of dancing with skeletons for her own amusement. generally dancing to waltz and in her mansion's inner sanctums.

Abilities:Main Ability: Biological Meta Enhancements
{meaning differences between her and normal human. be it physical, mental, visual, or such things she is above the normal levels for a human. A meta human}
---Subcategories connected to Main Ability---
Metahuman physiology
Divine Grace {information here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Divine_Grace
Superhuman Speed & Agility
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Durability
Superhuman Reflexes
Toxic Immunity
Jathiila is immune naturally to most toxins and poisons or venoms but those that are foreign, new, alien or created require exposure in order to develop antibodies to them. She can recover from the exposure but its not pleasant.

Main Ability: Mystical Art User
---Subcategories connected to Main Ability---
Occultism {Informatin here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Occultism )
Magic : Information here http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Magic
{Jathiila's magicĀ  is done much like a true wizard, not Harry Potter wizarding style, which therfore requires spellbooks, verbal incantations and often also an instrument for channeling the mana. It also requires her to not be dead tired exhausted, gathering and store mana, use mana in area or a medium outside the spellbook such as a rune tool or a wand.}
Magically is able to with spells, encantations or nearby mana or magic sources use various elemental magics. Requires medium
Jathiila requires text or visual medium or a very indepth knowledge along with ritual and archaic circles to perform summoing.
Healing {information here:
Jathiila's healing is magic based and comes from magic that doesn't require her to have a medium or a spell book. That does make it more affective. Due to its nature being 'colorless' in origin it can heal anyone and everyone regardless of whether it is a vampire or an alien without negative effects.

main ability : energy source mastery
---Subcategories connected to Main Ability---
Energy Projection {information here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Energy_Projection
Energy Absorption {information here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Energy_Absorption }
Energy Transferance {Infomration here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Energy_Transference }
Energy Resistance {information here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Energy_Resistance }
Energy Construct Creation: {information found here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Energy_Construct_Creation

-Other Abilities-
Eidetic Kinsethesia
mundane skills described in history, personality and other areas

Foes: none currently

Friends: her husband Mr. Demonix, her skeletons in the closet, Teyo, none of importance currently
Jathiila Demonix
Jathiila Demonix

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Re: Jathiila Elani Demonix {Lucian's tool}

Post by Thea Amira Queen on Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:42 pm

Thea Amira Queen
Thea Amira Queen
League of Assassins
League of Assassins

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