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You Ran Away and You Disobeyed Us (Charles, Asmund)

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You Ran Away and You Disobeyed Us (Charles, Asmund)

Post by Caius Dawnblood on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:28 am

Caius growled when he heard that his personal servant had tried to run away he had chained the man in his torture chambers. So now what should he do. He looked at the man and tore his shirt off of him. "I CLOTHE YOU GIVE YOU FOOD AND THIS HOW YOU REPAY ME YOUR MASTER YOU RUN AWAY." He said as he grabbed his whip and looked at him. His eyes narrowed at the man before him how could he leave him? He wasn't sure didn't he know that there was no where he could go to escape them. He thought as he hit the whip across the man's chest and watched it slice through the soft tender skin.
Caius Dawnblood

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Re: You Ran Away and You Disobeyed Us (Charles, Asmund)

Post by Charles Stark on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:38 pm

Charles looked at Caius. 'Shit he is really mad.' Charles thought to himself as he felt his shirt being ripped off of him. Then before he could even think he felt the pain of a whip across his chest. His eyrs narrowed and glared he didn't care what he did to him he honestly just wanted to get home. He was not a slave he was born free unlike his mother thought. They really could not keep him here. But his body betrayed him as a scream left his lips and his body showed an angry welt from where the whip hit bleeding in some sections. Sighing slightly his body fell against the wall hard as he relaxed slightly. But then he strained against the chains again. "I will never give up and I will escape you will see." He said as he looked the man right in the eyes
Charles Stark

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