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Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS

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Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS  Empty Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS

Post by Titania Archard on Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:55 pm

Full Name:Titania Archard
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Play-By: (Celeb)Tove Lo
Physical Description: Very toned, Always has a stern serious face
Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS  Tove%2BLo%2BPNG%2Bversion1
Affiliation:Stephan Gray

Family Information:No Family but the scientist that made her.
Family Background:--

History:KOS-MOS was made an android for her earliest time being "alive". She was made as a weapon for the army. She was made to be the unimaginable to be a puppet, a woman with no free will. As an android she had the power to will any sort of weapon to her hand but later did they discovered KOS-MOS had some flaws. Her body was destroyed just two years of being online. The scientists frustrated over the ideas of what went wrong. One of the geniuses there in that meeting said it was because they wanted KOS-MOS to be a junk pile that always said yes no matter what or pushed herself to do the unthinkable. That to go up against the unthinkable one would have to be prepared no matter what.

Astounded by this idea the rest of the board gave that scientist the hands to make the new edition of the cyborg. He created a woman, or what looked to be one that now had the power and technology to bring forth any form of armor or weapon to go against what ever force it had to. One armor to be able to withstand fire and absorb it, another with wings to be able to fly and catch her opponent. But KOS-MOS was never to be bound by her cyborg appearance seeing she now was given a full human form. In addition making a new android form with the best artillery. Axes, swords, spears, hammers, guns all she would have to do is will it and it would be there.

Of course in the world of reality money talks and the highest bidder bought KOS-MOS for what ever she pleased. Stephan Gray was the one and that would be the man she was instructed to call her master. Being a faithful cyborg she did everything she was told no matter what. The fact she had no free will of mind it was very easy for her to do what ever was wished of her. Slaughtering towns and cities, men, women, children. Stephan gave her a name for the world to know her by, Titania Archard. It sounded so much better than KOS-MOS, anyways if one to hear that name they had better be filled with fear.

Personality: Because KOS-MOS is a cyborg she has no sense of human emotions, doesn't know pain or anything about love. Titania always wears a solid face of seriousness no matter what. It is as if she is a statue made out of marble that only has one expression.

Abilities: Cyborg Body, Re-Quip: The power installed into her to be able to dress herself into magical armors. Such as her Fire Devil armor that is flame resistant. And also to give herself any weapon of her choosing.
Foes:Anyone she is told to
Friends:Stephan Gray
Titania Archard
Titania Archard

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Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS  Empty Re: Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS

Post by Oliver Queen on Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:06 pm

Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS  23t17as

Titania Archard ~ KOS-MOS  Mmpkyc
Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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