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Terra & Aeria (WIP)

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Terra & Aeria (WIP)

Post by Terra & Aeria on Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:08 am

Full Name: Terra & Aeria
Alias:pending & pending
Sexual Orientation:???
Age:unknown vampire...they are about 10-13ish in human appearance. Only alucard knows for sure.
Play-By: (Celeb)Terra ~ pics pending

Aeria ~ Pics pending

Other Identity (name pending) ~
Occupation:Princesses of vampires, Little Sisters Of Alucard

Terra (???) & Aeria (???)

Mother: unknown
Father: dead...Vlad the impaler aka dracula
Siblings: Big Brother Alucard, Alive
Other: Same format
Family Background: see Alucards profile

One to two paragraphs of your character’s history

BOTH: Vampire Traits & Abilities. For more information click Alucard's profile located there.
Twin Link & Bond
Terra's Abilities
*Magnekinesis (magento style and levels...will spoiler indepth list later)
*Nercotakinesis (telekinesis involving dead bodies or bones),
*Flyrokinesis (barriers)

Aeria's Abilities
*Telepathy (with others)
*Sublimination (turn to mist or smoke or air become one with  air)
*Mind Reading

Split Personality Of Aeria: (can't use Aeria's powers and vice versa)
*Weapon Summoning

Foes: anyone against big brother
Friends: Big Brother Alucard
Terra & Aeria
Terra & Aeria

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