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Teyo Menendez (WIP)

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Teyo Menendez (WIP)

Post by Teyo Menendez on Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:51 am

Full Name: Teyo Menendez
Sexual Orientation:
Play-By: Adam Rodriquez
Occupation: MI-6 Agent, Interpol, Head Of Interpol Intelligence, numerous others
Affiliation: Citizen

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Built
Height: 6’2”
Dress Style: Jeans and t-shirts
Creature characteristics: Beautiful black wings and legs.  All his hair is black in harpy form and yellow talons.

Name: Azrael Jadis Frigid
Age: 600
Living or Dead: Unknown
Species: Harpy
Adopted Family:
Name: Maria Menendez
Age: 45
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Human

Name: Fernando Menendez
Age: 50
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Human

Sisters All Living: Human
Maya Menendez 24
Lia Menendez 22
Miranda Menendez 20
Savanna Menendez 18
Else Menendez 16
Essie Menendez 16

Name: Austin Saline- Menendez
Age: 25
Creature: Skinwalker

The Menendez family originated in Italy and when they discovered the family was magical they decided they would move their family to Romania and raise their children near a wonderful magical school. Teyo had grown up in a very big and happy family and he was the only boy in a family of 8 children. Of course his parents could not have had any other boys, so he was the oldest out of all of them. Being the only boy surrounded by all the girls’ people would think they were the reason he was gay, but yet he was tough and kick anyone’s ass for picking on his sister. He had begged his parents to send him to a boy’s school so he would not be surrounded by so many girls.

When he started the school everything was perfect and when he graduated he went to Luna U because he had found out he was different than his family..  He was really smart and wanted to get a job He tried really hard to stay on top of his studies and ended up with good grades. He may not have been top in the class but he was close.   Once he found out that he was more than human, though its still secret what exactly he was, and his parents had lied to him he buried himself in school.

Once he was done there he decided that he wanted to serve the world and begun working for the CIA and went on the search for many criminals.  His only problem was there was one he had gone after and had fallen in love with him.  Of course he kept that part a secret for awhile.  Now he works and tries to locate his biological mother.  When he found out that his wife was pregnant he had to admit he was very happy, but scared all at the same time because their lives would never be the same.

They made it through goods and bads...ups and downs...the close calls and hospitalizations of himself and his wife...thanks to many things. Their pups now six months old and he is working hard to keep Dagger and Atraynian both mostly on the straight and narrow. It works. For the most part. He is a proud father now and a loving husband.

Teyo sometimes keeps things very close to the vest because true feelings can be known as a weaknesses. Teyo can be outgoing and loving when it comes to his wife and children, when they come along. He takes his work very seriously and hates when people think they can get away with murder or anything evil.

List of your characters abilities and powers

Teyo Menendez
Teyo Menendez

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