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Dagger/Atraynian Menendez (WIP)

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Dagger/Atraynian Menendez (WIP)

Post by Dagger Atraynian on Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:03 am

Full Name:Dagger Menendez (male personality)
Atraynian Menendez (female personality)
Sexual Orientation:Homosexual with bisexual tendencies (especially as Atraynian)
Genetically and externally male, sexual reproduction organs female which added to this.
Play-By: (Celeb)Toshiya (Dagger)
Shinya (Atraynian)
Occupation:Atraynian is an internationally wanted criminal mastermind, owner of strip clubs, underground criminal network lady, one of the worlds top hackers, pending
Dagger owns a robotics shop, works on pimping out cars & motorcycles, is a mechanic, mother of Teyo's kids, pending
Affiliation:Taymele Clan (is 1/2 native, 1/2 taymele clan/aboriginal descent)

Mother: (Name: (age, Living or Deceased))
Father: Same format
Siblings: Same format
Other: Same format
Family Background:

Is married and mother of several pups/kids now. Still does his criminal kingpinning...usually openly with Teyo. His face leaders are Lachlan amongst various others who aren't as well known. Still keeps up with the business yet also is less a bad boy rebel international criminal kingpin then before. Happily married to Teyo. Trying hard to break bad habits but once a bad boy/girl always one. Austin spends a lot of time now either in the Thomas's spare bedroom, working away to ignore bad habits, bodning more with his mate and husband Teyo, or getting lost in robotics powered with spirit magic. Only somewhat dabbling in his historic life of crime that was globally known...well not Austin himself. The criminal mastermind known as Atraynia. The past is the past and outside of this he isn't likely to tell you much. He stays in touch with his soul twin Thana. Otherwise he pretty much does his own things and sticks with Teyo. Having become a bit anti-social as of late.

Character Likes: most of the ladies of his family, his tribal pack, Thana Semele, , his husband & mate teyo...usually, his pups...but still is on watch due to severe and dangerous post partum, inventing, cooking, singing, and much more revealed over story lines
Character dislikes: sometimes Teyo but thats normal with couples, his uncles varyingly, sleeping due to his gifts, being touched unexpectedly outside of some people, apologizing as its hard, hurting teyo accidentally, his old vises, his birth defect, his post partum issues, others learned through rp
Strengths: intelligence, his husband, his family, his friends, singing, Spirit Mage, Spiritland Traversing, Ancient Traditions such as lakota or souix, multi-lingual, fist fighting, cross dressing, others learned through rp
Weaknesses: sucks at lying, Teyo, his tribal pack, loyalty, smoking, drinking, sex with teyo, and much more revealed over storyline, eating disorders, chosing between people, others learned through rp
Quirks: crossdressing, getting lost in the inventing process, others learned through rp

Heritage Magic (spirit magic)

Spiritland Visions


Skinwalker (Wolf)

Spirit guide use



OOC Note: Powers are preapproved by Casey & Jules

Dagger Atraynian

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