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Lucas Blackwell

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Lucas Blackwell

Post by Lucas Blackwell on Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:03 pm

Full Name: Lucas Magus Blackwell
Alias: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 25
Play-By: (Celeb) Chris Evans
Physical Description:  Look at Picture
Occupation: SWAT Leader, Police Captain, Vigilante(Secret)
Affiliation: Team Arrow, Starling City Police Department, Starling City SWAT Team Division, Informative for Oliver Queen(Green Arrow/Arrow), Blackwell Family Magical Coven

Family Information:
Unknown(About 50 Family Members all Alive)
Family Background:

Lucas Blackwell is born to a family Of Very Ancient and Powerful Sorcerers. Lucas was trained by he's family in powerful magics. Lucas grew up in a strict house hold. He's entire school life he kept to himself. He mastered he's gift by age of ten, and kept honing them. Through he's High School year. He would later join the Police and join the SWAT, he is an Informative of Arrow's. And a very good Ally of his. If there was a need if they faced a Major Threat that threaten the City to a Superhuman or Cosmic level. Lucas would be by Arrow's side to cast it back to hell. He is very skilled in other areas not just magic.

Lucas was involved in helping Oliver find and locate Thea Queen. Gathered in the Club House. Lucas discovered, that Oliver had more people involved then Lucas knew about. Did not agree with the children that were brought in. Yavvie and Thana.

He later helped Thana with getting back to school and staying out of trouble on certain Deals and Terms.



Peak of human physical condition:
Master Combatant/Master Martial Artist:
High Tolerance for Pain
All-Tongue: Knows All the Languages dead and alive known to earth.(He does not know any Alien Languages.)
Free Runner/Parkour
Master Marksman/Firearms
Basic Hacking skills

Misc Skills:


Spell Casting
Chaos Magic/Manipulation
Black/White Magic
Occult Mastery
Healing Factor

New Abilities(Gained after the Vampire Invasion) There a more but I'd rather not list them right now.:
Celestial Manipulation/Magic
Time and Space Abilities
Time Manipulation(Briefly for five seconds at max)
Memory Manipulation.

Foes: Everyone one who is in it for the bad.
Friends: Arrow(Ollie)

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Lucas Blackwell
Lucas Blackwell

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Re: Lucas Blackwell

Post by Roy Harper on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:55 am

Roy Harper
Roy Harper

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