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Nothing is Fair in Love and War (Hana)

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Nothing is Fair in Love and War (Hana)

Post by Caius Dawnblood on Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:59 am

Caius sighed he really was starting not to like being a general in his father's army it meant to much work. It also meant not enough time with his little sister who he adored. Like the past few days he went to meetings then he went to his room and flopped on his bed for a couple hours then went for more meetings with the advisors. Once this was done he went to see the prisoner.

Sometimes he wondered if his father even did anything as he was constantly being pulled every which way. That and the fact that he barely even sees his father at any of the meetings and had to find time to fill him in afterwards. Today was rare he actually had some free time so he made his way to Hana his sister's room and knocked on the door.
Caius Dawnblood

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Re: Nothing is Fair in Love and War (Hana)

Post by Hana Dawnblood on Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:04 pm

(Hana in bedroom in this thread)

Hana hadnt seen Lucifer in two days. Daddy never seemed to really leave the dungeons. Big brother was too busy for her and thus Nanny Charles was. She had been practicing cooking and trying new recipes. Wanting to make her big brother happy when he couldn't be with his mortal love interest. She was actually lightly sleeping as it had gotten late. She missed her brother. It been days since he was back and he was always busy. The last free day Caius went to visit his mortal boyfriend...she hoped he got time for her soon.

She'd do anything it took to help big brother stay happy between the times he could visit his boyfriend. She hadn't tried to attack Charles sexually or anything since that one time prior to big brother's scolding her. Lets go with that. She sat up a bit sleepily. Walking over to the door she didn't bother putting on a robe...or even panties since it was only probably Charles or a maid. Opening the door she was rubbing her eye before she saw who it was. "Big brother??? Why did you knock? Are you hurt?" She sluggishly asked. Moving and hugged her brother.
Hana Dawnblood

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