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Break Out (Invite)

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Break Out (Invite)

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:54 pm

Aphrodite had come in contact with the king of vampires and he helped her get fully in control of her blood lust since Alexander got himself captured she had managed to escape but was very weak when she was found. She spent months in the King of Vampire's castle. When she was finally strong enough she had made her way to his throne room and asked for an army to help break out her mate from a highly fortified prison.

She took several more months working on training the vampires to make sure that they were just right and that there was no flaws. Aphro needed Alex back she was nothing without him. Though she was told constantly that she was beautiful by Alucard and that he was glad that she had ended up in his clutches for the short time. He even had made her a vampiric in hopes that she would stay. No she couldn't stay with him she needed her mate.

It was finally time to take on the island there was no more training that could make the squad prepared. Though she still wasn't sure if it was going to be enough. Though Aphro knew that it was tonight or never she had to break into the prison tonight. She had gathered them together for one last meeting before they took off in the dead of night.

Landing on the island Aphro and her army made a v line straight for the prison. They broke down the walls and soon were inside. She followed his scent and smirked. "Hmm so it seems that you are in need of a rescue my lord." She said with a wicked grin.


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Re: Break Out (Invite)

Post by Alex Blackwood on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:25 am

Alexander had lost a battle but not the war. he will seek vengeance upon Oliver Queen. It was a decent battle. But it will soon return to Starling City. His eyes closing. As he had his entire half of his body flesh and bone, and the other unsheathe. Alexander had taken a massive explosion to the the right side of his body, He was then captured and taken to a prison. he wasn't feed blood. That's why he had not recovered. What will happen to him next. He had been months surely. What will happen to Alexander.

He had heard something. Alexander had heard a noise. What this Noise was. Was unclear. However, what came next was Aphrodite. She was alive and well. "You made me proud. You are still alive." he said as he praised her for being alive and well still. He was very surprised she was still living. Seeing as she was a baby vampire he assumed without his guidance she would have died by now. He was glad she was still alive. "Well then. Mind breaking the bars, and removing these chains around my body, I also need blood." he said quietly.

His eyes moving to her body. How in the world did she find him. That was the question. "How did you find me?" he questioned her.
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