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Lucas Semele

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Lucas Semele

Post by Lucas Semele on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:00 pm

Full Name: Lucas, Justin Semele
Alias: Night Rider
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 20
Play-By: Paul Wesley
Occupation: Bio-medical Engineer  
Affiliation: Lone wolf

Lucas has lost his iris (the color part of his eye) So naturally his eyes are either white or black unless he is wearing contacts.

Birth Mother: Leanne Semele, 45, dead
Birth Father: Matthew Semele, 46, dead
Adopted Mother: Grace McBlane
Adopted Father: Richard McBlane
Brother: Jeremy Semele, 15, living
Sister: Thana Semele, 17, living (but believed dead)
Other: Same format
Family Background:  The Semele’s are first generation Americans, having moved over from Australia when Thana was ten. Before that they were major share holders in Australian Stocks and Shares, and both parents had typical day jobs. Matthew a Business Investor and his wife a lawyer. When they moved to America,  Matthew Semele began working at Wall Street and his wife continued in the legal business.

Grace and Richard McBlane had always wanted kid but being unable to conceive they had to adopt. Grace was considered a disgrace to her family for not being able to hold a child of her own blood to turn. It wasn't until several miscarriages she finally gave up. Richard was a bio medical engineer and thought that he could fix anything until he messed up his adopted son's Lucas' eyes.  

Lucas was born in Australia he and his family moved to America when he was thirteen. He acted out against his parents and became a disgrace to his family though he kept his grades up and remained the top of his class. That was until the accident happened when his family was on a vacation and their car took a wrong turn and ended up going over a bridge. He managed to escape the wreck but due to the fact that he had broken his legs he couldn't push himself up out of the water. He was later rescued but not until permanent damage occurred. Due to the lack of oxygen to his brain for several minutes he lost his sight. And from an experiment to try to restore it by his adopted family he lost the irises (the colored part) in his eyes so his eye color is usually pure white unless he is very angry then they turn black.

Lucas grew to hate his adopted parents but only stayed to protect his brother from their experiments. Though when they created an arm for his brother he allowed them to give it to them. Since the accident he considered himself a freak of nature and constantly wondered why was still alive. Who could love someone who had no coloring in his eyes? In his eyes no one so he tried to kill himself many times though he always healed himself before he bled out.

Lucas is filled with hatred to everyone and life. He constantly doesn't understand why he is still alive. Lucas' only truly cares for his younger brother Jeremy as he is the only one who truly understands what he is going through.

Night Vision
Enhanced hearing, scent and touch
Enhanced intelligence
Black eye
Healing factor

Friends: Jermey Semele
Lucas Semele
Lucas Semele
Taymele clan
Taymele clan

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Re: Lucas Semele

Post by Oliver Queen on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:27 pm


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

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