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Who's who

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Who's who

Post by Thana Semele on Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:09 pm

Ok so recently , as in very recently I made some new charries. So here's who I am now.

Moira Queen. Queen b*tch
John Diggle. Olivers bodyguard/friend
Felicity Smoak. Olivers almost girlfriend and go to tekkie.

Non Cannons.
Taymele Clan members.
Thana Semele. -Y'all know who she is. (Starling City)

Jeremy Semele- Youngest Semele, has a bionic arm is a general bad boy with a big heart. (Metro)

Lucy Storelle, young woman taking on the world with style. (Central)

Rachel Cavilino another cousin, currently in LA but can mostly be found in Central though she travels around (LA, elsewhere)

Violet Bloodrose. The mother of Ridders child, Lily. She is a Naturopath in her city. (Gotham)
Thana Semele
Thana Semele
Taymele clan
Taymele clan

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