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Hiding out (Asmund)

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Hiding out (Asmund)

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:58 pm

Aldora had been bouncing around lately though she knew which planet she belonged to. It had become her home her life. Though she couldn't put them in danger so thanks to her help she went to several different planets as in hope to keep her former father off her heels. In return she helped them with keeping their planet under control and out of the reach of anyone who would want to destroy it.

Though she sensed an energy that she hadn't felt in quite awhile and she didn't like it. Asmund he was near and he wasn't welcome. He was not welcome on her planet near her people. So surrounded by her guards she went out to meet him. "You are not welcome here Asmund leave now if you want to live." She said as she stepped in front of her guards though she remained close to them.


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