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Roselene Chambers (WIP)

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Roselene Chambers (WIP)

Post by Roselene Chambers on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:03 am

Full Name: Roselene Krystal Chambers
Alias: Black Rose
Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual
Age: 18
Play-By: (Celeb) Dove Cameron
Occupation: Vigilante for hire
Affiliation: Undecided

Black Rose

Mother: Carina (Nee, BlackThorn) Chambers, 45 , Living
Father: Henric Chambers, 46, Deceased
Siblings: Zayna Chambers, 18 (Twin), Living
Other: Same format
Family Background:
The Chambers come from wealthy roots and were known to be associated with royalty. They share their wealth with  the less fortunate as they see it as a gift from god and not theirs to keep. The Chambers own several goodwill charities and several major companies associated with technologies which contributed to their success. The are the second wealthiest family. With the late Henric Chambers being the former mayor of Starling City.

One to two paragraphs of your character’s history

Roselene is stubborn yet sensitive, caring and affectionate to those she cares about. Very protective of her family and loved ones. Though she can also get rather aggressive and violent to those who cross. she tends to keep to herself and finds that she is more introverted then extroverted though when you get to know her you would have no idea she sees herself as an introvert. That being said Roselene has been more closed off since her father died. She tends to only go out at night where she searches for those who have killed her father along with men she has been hired to kill for the protection of the city where she lives. However if the money is right she will venture to another city to rid it of the filth that has penetrated it.

Plant Manipulation
Plant Mimicry
Botanical Communication
Photosynthetic Blood (The user's blood is photosynthetic, granting abilities related to the physiology of plant life.)

Roselene Chambers
Roselene Chambers

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