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Thea You Here? (open)

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Re: Thea You Here? (open)

Post by Oliver Queen on Thu May 07, 2015 4:17 pm

Oliver looked over when a new member showed up. Well hopefully he will get more help though he wasn't sure how to except it from strangers. Damn well now it seemed they found there way into the group and he had to let them into his secret eventually. Then Roy came running in. He looked at Thea's boyfriend's eyes he could tell that he was in pain how could he be the one to break the young man's heart. Oliver got up and walked over to him.

Placing a hand on his shoulder slightly. "Thea was kidnapped last night though I am, we are going to find her. You are welcome to help of course. Right now we are trying to decide where to start." He said slowly he was more tired then what he would bring on. "Lucas I will not reveal the identities of those who don't want to reveal it is not my say."


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Re: Thea You Here? (open)

Post by Arcane Zatanna on Thu May 07, 2015 7:25 pm

Arcane Zatanna cocked her head to the side and looked at one of the men in the room. "Phasing through solid matter you say, even one as powerful as me cannot do that, though a simple lock is trivial to someone of my power."

Zatanna swings her head back around to look at Oliver, "Now, I hear that your sister is missing, I might be able to help. You wouldn't happen to have some of her blood?"

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Re: Thea You Here? (open)

Post by Yavojn Martinez on Sun May 10, 2015 12:26 pm

Yavojn looked at him. Backing up slightly at the first point. Barely avoiding getting poked. "When one calls the kettle black whilest is the pot the mere fact of calling the other something is oxymoronic." Came the shaky voice. His gentle voice seemed to break at points. "You never will. You have a better chance to fight Ghandi." He said in a barely audible voice. He winced as the pokes were hard He was hearing him less and less the more the man poked him.

When he was shoved back, his light weight form plus Lucas's adreniline and anger added onto Lucas's physical strength, as he was fully encompassed in the vision he waas shoved hard backwards. His lightweight frame hit the wall with enough force despite the talking the sounds of bones breaking and snapping plus the cry of pain that left his lips echoed out. Holding his sides what seemed to take a long time was really mere moments. Lucas's past, to yavojns eyes, invaded his mind and spun the world backwards.

As with much of Lucas' rant to him he never heard it. His world replaced with a world only his minds eye could see. The scenary was changing. (NOTE: this happened within a moment or so despite its going to seem like longer)

~Inside The Vision~
Desert sands rolled and danced. The night time skyline was black and darted with stars that were far easier to see. The area shifted jerked and pulled until a manor that seemed out of place yet built to last in the heat of the desert came into view. Another scene jerking and like a ghost yavojn's steps led him through darkened halls. He was floating unseen and unknown. Through placess he had never been. Soon it was like he was seeing it through the eyes of a small child. There was archaic circles around. Black magic ritual items. Chains blurringly attached. Screams leaving lips that weren't his but for the moment seemed it. Blood everywhere. The screams not his own. The pain not his own. Yet he felt them. Blacking out and soon like a ghost he was watching the seven year old boy get healed then the torture continue. Over and over again. The final black out ended the vision.

~outside the vision~

Phantom seeming bruissings and cuts formed on Yavojn's flesh during the momentary glassy eyed look. Fading away one by one as blood coughed up from yavojns lungs. Whether from his own injuries or the injuries he'd felt from within the vision was unknown. Groaning as his head spun. The phantom injuries fading away as he moved his hand to his outfit and a brilliant white light left him. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH...." He cried out in pain as the bones snapped back into place. His lungs healing as he coughed up pain. Once all healed all that remained was some minor bruises on his form.

He stood up shakily. Pulling the pins out. "Never mind Oliver...I forgot...a priest like me has no right trying to help fighters like you out. I should have remembered my place and its not at the side of fighters. Please forgive me Oliver." he moved away quickly. Rushing through the secret tunnels he'd followed thana through and left.

-exit yavojn-
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Re: Thea You Here? (open)

Post by Lucas Blackwell on Mon May 11, 2015 4:42 am

Lucas looked at the man. As he was shoved into the wall. Lucas had no intention of throwing him at the wall his own strength had been very strong. But he had no idea he would throw a grown man so easily. Never mind that. His eyes narrowing. He wanted to say sorry but he decided against the apology. It simply was not worth it. Lucas was so pissed of at this whole thing that it became so bloody annoying to be quite frank. Shaking his head. If only Yavvie knew how he felt everything would have been alright. Everything would be perfectly fine. Everything, would be safe. He did not recognize the bones cracking till it finally hit him at the final moment. Did he just break this guy's bones. He was very fragile.

If Yavvie knew what he went as a kid. Maybe Yavvi would understand the troubled past of Lucas Blackwell, however that will never happen it will never ever happen. Because as far as he knew. Yavvie had no talents. As from his mentioning of Being some Scared Priest of that sort. Though it was really weird. So Lucas thought of him as a healer and that all.

Lucas was completely unaware that, Yavvie had accessed an image or vision of his past. He noticed Yavvie Scream and Lucas raised an Eye brow. He couldn't have just been hurt that bad? Lucas merely shoved him. Surely it wasn't that hard? He looked at him again closely. There was no way Lucas had managed to break someone ribs of any kind. No way that he do that. He was sure of. Then again, Yavvie had clothing on so Lucas could not really see. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the man getting up. And then leaving after saying a few words. Then again Lucas was angry. Lucas was also a very big, tall and strong man. Plus the cracking from earlier could have explained why he had been screaming of the bones breaking.

Lucas raised and eye brow again. He could self heal himself? He noticed his bones being stopped back into place. Well not notice more like heard.

Lucas Clapped after her left. "What a lovely bunch, you have here Oliver. " he told Oliver and looked at him again."Oliver let's focus at the task at head. Founding out where your sister is. This is perhaps the most important thing to do? Don't you think, Oliver?" He asked him slowly.

Shaking his head even more as he did this he would then look at the new person finally making his presence known. And then too Roy.. Lucas shut up instantly when Roy arrived. However he finally managed to say."Thea out." Lucas said, that's all Roy needed to know.


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Re: Thea You Here? (open)

Post by Sponsored content

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