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Nexis Braun aka Netherwraith

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Nexis Braun aka Netherwraith

Post by Nexis Braun on Fri May 01, 2015 4:48 pm

Full Name:Nexis Braun
Sexual Orientation:explorative
Age:hasn't aged beyond at most passing for 21-22 and at youngest 17-18
Play-By: (Celeb)Seinna Guillory (all images for her blond like arya of eragon, black like alice of resident evil)
Physical Description:search her fc
Occupation:none currently
Affiliation:Villianess though leans more towards neutral at times XD

Family Information:Name Unknown, Mother, Deceased
Name Unkown, Father, Living, Unknown Whereabouts.
Family Background:Unknown but her mother was a villaneous of Gotham City. Her father is rumored to be alive and not much is known about him outside he'd be considered a 'Meta' human or inhumanly strong person
History:all shall be revealed over roleplay. A little to know though and be wary of...she has a prankstery nature now and then. The best of friends or the worst of enemies. She extremely hates the american government and any of the military based programs. Thus will almost immediately hate any military, government official, law officer or politician of the american government. Even down to a honky tonk town mayor. when wronged she is spiteful and vengeful...an eye for an eye kind of gal. Over all she is just mischievious with a slight darker nature which can be quite sadistic when triggered. At time immature due to being in a coma for a couple of years.
When she was only about six months old America bombed various locations surrounding his hometown. One of these gamma radiation filled atomic bombs landed on the towns nuclear power plant. She was on the outskirts of the town when the explosion from the two destroyed her hometown and left her in a two year coma. When she came to she'd been heavily exposed to the gamma, nuclear and atomic radiation...and then awakening after she spent several years in a coma after the incident that awoke or granted her powers...and slowed her own timeclock.
Years later the youth still travels around. Aimlessly. Homeless, family less outside a mysterious father she never met...she looks for that place to fit.

Abilities:from her father she has heightened levels of these Superhuman strength, Superhuman speed (though not AS fast as The Flash she could still smoke an Olympic track runner), Superhuman stamina, Superhuman durability (in flesh form), Superhuman reflexes, Superhuman agility AKA basically they are just physical and biological attribute enhancers not actual powers.
Ghost Gained Abilities From Explosion & Exposure
~Ghosted! aka Ghost Form~ (anything a ghosty type can do she can do )
the ability to turn her body from living to ghost without losing her body in the process. The explosion and exposure to the nuclear, gamma and atomic radiations gave her the ability to turn into a ghost from flesh form. She gained the ability after healing and waking from her coma. At times though she can't always get the clothes to turn ghost too. She can do this at will but hasn't fully controlled accidental 'ghostings.' ie. her hand suddnely being transparent and intangible. Though the nurse stated he stated after her flesh healed off and on she could have sworn she went see through.
Gained Subcategories that come with the Ghosted!
Ability to bring inanimate objects to life when in ghost form.
~Activation and Deactivation~
The ability to active and deactivate various objects the same way ghosts and poltergeists can. In her ghost form she could use animation ability to do the same as a ghost.
The ability to not be seen when in her ghost form...true to all spirtual or spectral based entities. NOT able to use in human form.
Only in her ghost form can she use her mind to telekinetically affect things objects and with extreme focus...people but thats highly taxing if used to do more than levitate
The ability to pass through solid objects at will but ONLY in her ghost form.
Activated After Explosion
Ability to perceive and communicate with spirits and those who are in the afterlife. Though it only awoke after she woke from the coma.
(connected toboth medium and ghosted)
~Death Perception~
A vision of a living persion prior to his or her death. After waking from her coma he began being able to see almost a timeclock or days left on people nearing or close to dying. Contact with others has also triggered seeing a vision of their death but the ones that hit him the hardest make him immobile and show violent or gruesome deaths. Others are fleeting and end in seconds. Its not one she controls at will...it just happens. In ghost form she can see the souls or spirits of coma patients or those recently departing or departed
Foes:see history but that could change in time
Friends:none currently though she has an odd obsessive nature over Poison Ivy's daughter.
Nexis Braun

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Re: Nexis Braun aka Netherwraith

Post by Oliver Queen on Fri May 01, 2015 7:03 pm


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
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