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Maks Petrov

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Maks Petrov

Post by Maks Petrov on Sat May 02, 2015 3:12 pm

Full Name: Maks Stas Petrov
Alias: Silver Shadow
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 29
Play-By: (Celeb) Viggo Mortensen (Young)
Physical Description: Profile Picture
Occupation: Foreign Language Teacher (By day)
Affiliation: Villains

Family Information:  The Petrov's are a Russian family - and, due to a unfortunate series of events, his brother, mother, sister, and him, are all First Generation Russian-Americans, ever since Maks was Sixteen years old.
Family Background: The Petrov's have been known to commit many crimes in every generation, even a few working with the 'Steel Wolf', A.K.A Stalnoivolk. However, once the Petrovs have been caught working with such criminals, most of the family was arrested, or worse, Executed. The rest are now Russian-Americans.
History: Maks 'Silver Shadow' Petrov has, since the age of Thirteen, been known to dabble or associate with criminals, crooks, and all the rest, as do the rest of his family. After a few years in America, he had learned of a certain hero... the hard way. Doing one of his routine jobs, a simple mugging, he encountered one man that he had only heard of - The Batman. The last thing he saw after taking five steps from the woman he recently stole from was a fist, as he then awoke in the prison. Luckily, he managed to steal the keys off a guard that was walking past, and, when it was time, he escaped, a big enemy in his mind - the man, called Batman, though he doubted he would ever face off against him, and succeed. However, upon the age of twenty two, he has discovered something... odd. Upon doing a bigger job, a robbery of a Jewelry store, a cop entered, gun drawn. Oddly, for some reason, the cop went straight past him... yet went for his partner, who was knocked out, and cuffed. The oddest part - the cop did not do so to him. The cop simply radioed in that the perp had been caught, and nothing was wrong still. It was, by then, he had discovered something - he had turned Invisible. Since then, he had proposed he and his family move to the bigger cities, yet they refused - they wished to stay in Gotham. Now, with the money he regularly earns through stealing jewelry and selling it, slowly, to other jewelers, he moves time to time, buying apartment rooms, hotel rooms, you name it, leaving no traces behind, of who had stayed there.
Abilities: Due to a harsh life in Russia, Maks has learned one thing - the longer and faster you can run, it's more likely you won't get caught. It had also dawned to him, that, the stronger you are, the more you can carry during a theft. Even more so, he is able to perform a fortunate power - the power being Invisibility.
Foes: Cops, Heroes - anybody trying to stop his acts, or the acts of other villains. An old Foe being the Batman - yet that had been crushed, as he had discovered of newer heroes. Gladfully, not encountered.
Friends: Anybody who can keep their mouth shut about a theft without a threat, or somebody who shares his thoughts of Heroes and Good-doers.
Maks Petrov

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Re: Maks Petrov

Post by Oliver Queen on Sun May 03, 2015 7:26 am


Thanks Jules for the awesome sig
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