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Lotus Nevo Chai-Bing aka Crimson Rose Medic

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Lotus Nevo Chai-Bing aka Crimson Rose Medic

Post by Lotus Chai-Bing on Sun May 03, 2015 7:46 am

Full Name:
Lotus Nevo Chai-Bing
Alias:Crimson Rose Healer
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual with a preference for women
Age:looks 20 to 21
Play-By: (Celeb)Li Bing Bing (she played sparrow and the white haired woman in Forbidden Kingdom)

Physical Description: see avatar, white hair, petite yet built strong while sexy...like an amazonian warrior
Occupation:doctor, medic, heroine
Affiliation:Justice League, Neutral

Family Information:unknown
Family Background:unknown outside of she is from krypton and appeared around the same time in china as Clark Kent did in the states
History:After crashing to earth when she was barely older looking than a year or two old around the same time as clark kent did in the united states in China, she was raised by a monastary and monks of China. Training amongst them monks there and traveling to learn various martial arts as well. She is very disciplined and prefers to heal over harm. She follows a strict moral code of honor. She has achieved many degrees in the medical, science and astrological fields. As well as obtaining 'enlightenment' at an early age.

Abilities:inherited all the traits, strengths and weaknesses of kryptonians. ie superhuman strength, ability to fly etc.
Personal Abilities of hers:~Offensive~
(MAIN)Comakinesis/Prehensile/Animated Hair - Ability to animate and lengthen ones hair or manipulate or telekinetically control the hair of ones self or others. May also use it to defend herself.
The ability to manipulate create and control flower petals
(MAIN)Seismic Burst - the ability to repel objects away from ones self. Has no ability to control it offensively just to protect oneself or others with extreme focus by rebelling objects away from them
The ability to create and control flower petals
Self Only Abilities
Xenoglossy - instant knowledge of foreign langauges upon hearing of several words or constant interactions with through long term observation or research. Its not instant...if she only heard a word in french she'd need several more to have a complete knowledge of the language
Enhanced Memory - The ability to quickly absorb and accurately retrain great amounts of information. Again has to be heard, taught, observed, researched or read.
Minor Accelerated  Healing/Regenerative Healing
~Medical Use~
Toxigensis - immunity to toxins or poisons. Body generates toxins and poisons as well as the antidotes to these. when exposed to foreign or new poisons the body is affected by it but begins to grow antibodies for immunities and able to replicate it afterwards. She has no idea how to use this offensively or defensively...but her own blood when not manipulated is toxic or poisonous
X-Ray Vision - the ability to see through solid matter but unlike super man hers works more like medical equipment such as the mri, xray machines, cat scans...etc.
(MAIN) Biological Manipulation - Ability to control all aspects of a living creatures biological make up. Over self and others. It includes but is not limited to the spoiler shiz
Dermakinesis - manipulate and generate extra skin for self or others to replace dead or missing skin. example is burn victims.
***Genekinesis - manipulate DNA of organic, biological, or genetic levels to alter a persons dna but refuses to use on others without consent. examples of genekinesis is the altering of hair color, eye color, etc.
***Cellulokinesis  - The ability to manipulate the cells of other biotic subjects to heal, aide, or remove negative qualties or issuse...can be used to contaminate or sicken but prefers to use it medicinally
***Molekinesis - manipulate molecules on a genetic and biological level and works best with contact and personals consent.
***Glucokinesis manipulate sugar within a persons body to be higher or lower within a person or creatures body...does not work on plants
***Halokinesis - manipulate salt within a persons body to be higher or lower or creatures body...does not work on plants or water
***Hormokinesis - The ability to psychically manipulate hormones within a genetic or biological level. For others it requires contact and preferably injection through sharpened nails or other means
***Iokinesis - manipulate ions on a genetic and biological level not others
***Ionikinesis - manipulate plasma on a genetic and biological level not others
***Inclinkinesis - manipulate body shape on a biological or genetic level
***Osteokinesis - manipulate bones though has only really learned how to use it to encourage resetting, mending and bone growth
***Nosokinesis - manipulate disease into curing, healing or in some cases growing worse or occuring. To cause a disease the need for a medium is required and will cause symptoms to self as well...prefers to use for healing.
***Vitakinesis - manipulate health for the better or the worse but to cause ill health to others is quickly draining and brings harm to self as well
***(medical use)Haemokinesis -manipulate blood through injury or open wounds...used primarily to encourage natural healing or scabbing over from others or self.

Last edited by Lotus Chai-Bing on Sun May 03, 2015 10:27 am; edited 1 time in total
Lotus Chai-Bing
Lotus Chai-Bing
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Re: Lotus Nevo Chai-Bing aka Crimson Rose Medic

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Sun May 03, 2015 7:49 am


Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul
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