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Joker's Daughter ~ Natiyanna

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Joker's Daughter ~ Natiyanna

Post by Natiyanna on Sun May 03, 2015 9:11 am

OOC: casey already okayed the abilities

Full Name:
Natiyanna (main personality), Cheshire Cat (Other Main Personality), a handful of other unknowns
Alias:Psychosymatic, Mind Warp, Devil's Child, Psycho, Psy, Illusion Dancer, Cheshire Cat, Wonderland Maestro
Sexual Orientation:???
Age:looks to be 8-15 (estimated 13 and so claimed) but only Joker knows for sure

Play-By: (Celeb)Nicole Munoz
Physical Description:she is small yet dangerous. she looks to be 8-13 depending who you ask. She has the height of 4'6"
Occupation:is a kid of pure evil and insanity yet can play the sweet little angel or variety.
Affiliation:Injustice League, Villians, The Joker, etc

Family Information:The Joker ~ father
Avery ~ big brother
anyone else is on joker's profile
Family Background:see the Joker and Avery
History:The little girl of The Joker was born and raised in Arkham Asylum. She has daddy and big brother wrapped around her fingers. Shortly after a year old she was institualized along with her father. Yet she was stolen out with the joker when he made his escape. She is now traveling, when she doesn't wander off with her big brother Avery. until such time as Joker sends for them or rejoins them.
Abilities:broken down indephtly

~*~Inherited From Father:~*~

~Cheat Death
~Immunity To Mind Control (except in extreme circumstances where someone more powerful than her turns it against her. then it causes mental anguish)
~Cosmic Awareness with Discern Motivation (breaks third wall and seems able to understand or determine the motivation behind a characters actions even if the character doesn't know themselves)

~*~Inherited From Mother:~*~
~Metamorphosis from her mother however hers is only weapon and item based transformations of herself
~Power Absorption (only weakens the persons power stolen & copies it as a minor ability. repeated copying would allow it the copied ability to grow stronger. while using this through the direct contact allows her to use her reality alteration or mind control with a higher sucess rate but she doesn't know this yet. plus it tires her out and requires focus. She also can't use this on anyone without 'super powers' aka normal average humans)

~*~Her Own Birth Abilities:~*~
    +Hypnosis (stronger wills can resist or snap out of it. often uses a medium like a pendulum or circle on a string)
    +Reality Alteration (only works as long as people allow it and can be resisted by those like her father or disrupted by those who are older and more trained or able to resist it things like that.)
     +Illusion Casting/Projectiong
     +Fear Projection
    +Minor Mind Control  (only works if able to enter your mind or affect you with Reality Alteration. It can be easily disrupted due to her age and only mildly seems to effect those of strong wills. Thus easily shaken off.)

Foes:anyone who is against Daddy or Brother, anyone who hates on daddy
Friends:Avery, The Joker, The Riddler, anyone evil really

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Re: Joker's Daughter ~ Natiyanna

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Mon May 04, 2015 10:47 am


Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul
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League of Assassins

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