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A meeting by Chance (Xavier)

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A meeting by Chance (Xavier)

Post by Guest on Wed May 06, 2015 4:28 pm

Nyssa for some reason had been finding herself in Starling City a lot over the last few weeks though she wondered if that was just her conscious telling her that she had to tell someone where Thea was. Though she always shook off these thoughts as Thea was happy where she was. Going to the same club the club that Thea actually ran. If that wasn't obvious that she felt guilty she had yet to clue in. It seemed that her brother was put under house arrest for some bizarre charge of being the vigilante of this city. "Vodka straight." She told the bartender and when her drink arrived she downed it and asked for another one. Her eyes scanned the bar looking for the girl she met there a few days prior though she didn't see her. Sighing slightly she went back to paying attention to her drink.


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Re: A meeting by Chance (Xavier)

Post by Xavier Jackson on Wed May 06, 2015 4:36 pm

Xavier had been out partying, dancing, and fooling around. It seemed saying the world was as easy as pie. Given the fact that his been dealing with just humans, he also had his own club to run. He in fact owned three clubs in each city. His eyes noticed a swaying gal and he approached her. Oh she was drinking, by the looks of it wasn't strong."Give me something stronger then hers." He told the bartender and was given it. He took the entire gulp of the glass like it was nothing, he showed no ill effects of the substance. "I am Xavier Jackson. Pleasure to meet you, Stunning woman." He informed, her extending his hand in hops that she would take it.
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