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Gi (surname) Qui (First Name)

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Gi (surname) Qui (First Name)

Post by Gi Qui on Wed May 06, 2015 11:00 pm

Qui Now Close Up

qui now full body

Full Name:Gi (surname) Qui (First Name)
Alias:Realism Mime, Chef of The Gods (later), Gypsy
Sexual Orientation:Flexible...prefers males though
Age:unknown. looks 15-18 human appearance. Real age unknown
Play-By: (Celeb)n/a
Physical Appearance: see top for now qui
Older Qui Close Up

Older Qui
Occupation:Street Performer : Mime & Comedian (when not miming he talks), Gypsy Style Tarot Reader

Family Information:Unknown, Adopted Big brother Aiden Harvey, Little Sister "Sissy" harvey
Family Background:Unknown
History:Qui was born into a traveling group of mimes..,or so the story he was told goes. Its not known for sure. Not limited to but it did iinclude the face that he could never manage to keep his mouth shut as a child. He loved to explore and curl up into things he could climb into. During one such climbing recently he found himself no longer with his parents. He left his curled up location inside a crate of some sort and found himself here. He is still learning english but knows a variety of other languages like Italian, French, German, Russian, and Chinese but hasn't really figured out where he is.

A group of gypsies took him in at one point and taught him how to use the tarot cards and to make fairly accurate readings. He enjoys miming as it enables him freedom of expression without saying a word. He was caught doing this to entertain a little girl. Barely escaping capture by some evil man and took off running.

Abilities:Pre-approved by casey and jules
~Mime Effects~
allows the miming he does to have "sound effects" or "realism" to it as he does it.
ex. bouncing while trapped in a box you'd hear thunk thunk or if lassoed you "feel" lassoed

~Culinary Art's Blessing~
***Sub Categories***
Poisonous Cooking ~ the ability to turn even non poisonous or things you'd not think couldnt be poisonous into inedible or "poisonous" food as it makes you sick when you eat it. For example even a fruit salad or recently chopped veggies. as God's Culinary Pallet awakens more and more this becomes less frequent of an occurance. After God's Culinary Pallet is fully awakened, unless intentionally done this will only occur when using Waste Not ability.

God's Culinary Pallet ~ ability to know how to perfectly season, prepare or cook any dish. to season it so that it comes out perfect, flavorful, and delicious. to make food fit for a king that tastes sinfully delicious and perfectly define. (slowly awakening but currently mostly dormant)

Waste Not ~ The ability to make a delicious meal out of leftovers or parts of food many end up throwing away or deeming...unusuable...into something edible or useful. wasting nothing of the supplies used in the food or turning old leftovers into delicious food.

~Magic Blessed~ (UNTAPPED/DORMANT)
***sub categories***
Magic (untapped/dormaint) ~elemental and requires training and untapping...mediums at first. only of fire, wind, water, earth only~
Summoning (untapped/accidentally triggered/dormant)
Magic Vunerability  ~magic affects him more than others save those weak to it....yet draws him to it.~
Foes:silence! He hates it outside performing
Friends:Samuel Lionheart (close friend), Aiden Havery (adopted big brother), Sissy (aiden's little sister)
Qui Braidee long hair now

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Gi Qui
Gi Qui

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Re: Gi (surname) Qui (First Name)

Post by Ra's al Ghul on Thu May 07, 2015 11:18 am


Credit goes to Jules for the lovely Sig.
Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul
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League of Assassins

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