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Ricardo Reynolds

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Ricardo Reynolds

Post by Ricardo Reynolds on Thu May 07, 2015 7:39 pm

Full Name: Ricardo James Reynolds
Sexual Orientation: Bi sexual
Age: 18
Play-By: (Celeb) Johnny Depp
Physical Description:

Occupation: Unable to hold one
Affiliation: ?

Family Information:
What family?

Family Background:
History: Ricardo had spent as long as he could remember in an mental institution. If he had a family well they left him to rot as they couldn't deal with him and his mind. While he was there he became one with his personalities and the voices in his head. He was often seen talking to himself and well looking completely sane while he was doing it. Those who knew him knew that he completely the opposite he was far from sane and could be heard at night screaming at nothing and at everything.

He eventually escaped and lived in the shadows. He attacked people at random times and was occasionally locked up. Though there was no one who fully understood him nor could comprehend his mind. They tried to send him to other institutions though he always escaped them before they could lock him up in one of those hell holes again. His voices told him to kill and he did so they told him to steal and did without a blink of an eye. He let them rule his life as they were part of him and he didn't want to try to avoid him and be helpless again. He refused to take the medicine that he was given to suppress them as they were part of him they were who he was.

Personality: Ricardo's personality honest is never constant it is constantly changing. At one time he could seem to be calm and collective the next well he could be completely out there. He is always talking to no one but he believes that there is someone there.

Multiple Personalities
Sonic Scream
can change into whatever he last touched
Shadow manipualtion
Ricardo Reynolds
Ricardo Reynolds

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Re: Ricardo Reynolds

Post by Mirena on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:00 pm


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