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Welcome to where I spend my nights. (Roy)

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Welcome to where I spend my nights. (Roy)

Post by Thana Semele on Sun May 10, 2015 3:27 am

Thana had been talking with Casey, taking Ollies advice and trying to work things out with her when once again all hell broke lose. Thana grabbed her bag and went out, WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOUNG LADY?" Casey roared at her, so much for keeping the Queen house quiet.

"JUST OUT! IM GOING OUT!" Thana roared back, and walked out and hopped on her motorbike and drove off. Godamn Casey was getting on her nerves, Thana drove to the train station before parking her bike and hopping on the train. She rode for twelve stops before getting off, it was near the Glades. Thana didn't care, she went to a small warehouse, it wasn't really much bigger then a house. More like a barn, and put a code in and unlocked the door. "Computer activate, Thana access ." She said, and the warehouse lit up. Thana walked over to the main tech area, and activated her actual screen computers.

"Computer call domino's order a large meat lovers, garlic bread and chicken wing pack." Thana said, she was in nerds heaven, holograms around her, xbox, playstation, she loved all of it, almost all of the programs she had written herself. She had a gigantic couch, and the television was completely 3D and was on a screen she had programmed herself . This was where Thana mysteriously disappeared too , more often then not and this was her private area. Casey didn't know of this place, neither did Ollie. He knew she had A place he just didn't know where. She crossed her legs like she was sitting on the ground on her giant comfy chair and looked at her computer screens, " Connect to minecraft. Call Dastan." She said, and smiled as her gaming friend came on screen. "Hey bud, ready to get your ass whooped?" Thana asked with a smirk, and the computer generated version of his face laughed. They spoke for a few minutes and she smiled, before putting him on pause for a sec as she knew she wasn't alone.
Thana Semele
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