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Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow

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Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow Empty Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow

Post by Captain Jacoda Crow on Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:21 am

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow 10562j9
Full Name: Jacoda Poseidon Crow
Birth Name: Jacoda Poseidon Sparrow
Alias: Sea Titan, Pirate King Crow
Nicknames: Jac, Cap'n, Lucky B*****d, various others
Sexual Orientation:  it doesn't matter now does it? he taken
Age: looks 27-29
Play-By: (Celeb) Johnny Depp (Primary As Jack Sparrow)
Occupation:Leader (co-leaders with ther other leader) Of Ten Commandmants, Pirate King, Leader Of The Pirate Fleets, Terror Of The Sea, Infamous Pirate Lord
Affiliation: Ten Commandments, Pirates, anyone evil really

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow 29mriif
Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow Alrm7l
Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow 2wcpmaf
big family...most of them seperated shortly after birth. Before they were vary old. reunited and for various reasons only semi-remember...usually its the alcohol.

Mother: Sea Goddess Calypso, Unknown Age, Living
Father: Jack Sparrow (unknown to them), Unknown Age, Human Immortal...presumed missing...only Calypso knows



Jacoda Crow
Richarco Reynolds (identical & seperated by 1-2human appearance)~adopted out
Jasper Ralston (seperated by 1-2 human appearance) ~adopted out
27-29 by appearance despite what they claim
Living Or Dead: all living
occupation: Pirate King & Pirate Fleet Amarda Overlord, Father, pending discussion may be leader of Ten Commandments (jacoda), Pirate Lord & 7 Ship Fleet Pirate Admiral, pending (jasper), ??? (Richardo)
Shared Father Of Jack Sparrow

~Middle Sister~
Rosetta Thorne
Age Pending
Living Or Dead: Living
Occupation: Spanish Main Pirate Lord & Villaness
Born through unique means done by calypso to mortal parents

~Younger Brother~
Lachlan Wolfgang
pending age
Living or Dead: Living
Occupation: ???
Unknown method of birth. Shares Calypso Mother

~Younger Sister~
Jewel Romano (given name)
Born: Juniper Sparrow
age ???
Living Or Dead: Living

Ipolani Crow

Niece (through ipolani)
Melody Aquarius
Age: ???
Missing but is alive

Age pending
Son Of Rosetta Thorne
Raised By Ipolani Cambridge (now Ipolani Crow)

Marianna Lani Crow
age pending (2-3)
Daughter Of Ipolani Crow

Unborn Child
n/a as not born
in ipolani's womb

Family Background: its complicated mate. see Richard, Lachlan, others pending...and look up jack sparrow if you need to. His mother's Calypso the Goddess of the sea...and the rest is in history and above

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow 2isdvv5
Jacoda's father was an immortal pirate king who had once gone by the name of Jack Sparrow. Over the centuries he had many names. Jacoda's mother was the goddess Calypso who both fancied and hated Jacoda's father. Many years prior to Jacoda's birth his father (though he thinks he is an ancestor) was shipwrecked and stuck on an island by himself. He met Calyspo in one of her more provocative appearances and he fell in love. They spent the night together. What happened next only Calypso knows. His mother had a lot of children...his half sister Rosetta Thorne, his two other triplet brothers Richardo Reynolds and Jasper Ralston, their younger sister whose name was changed by the Royal Family who adopted her and younger brother Lachlan Wolfgang...were all adopted out when they appeared to be one to two years of age.

Jacoda was kept and later...at the age of sixteen or seventeen...legally changed his name to Jacoda Crow. So he could build his own legacy...and not hold his fathers outside certain things. Jacoda sails the black pearl (when his father allows) and another ship all his that stays at dead man's peak (hidden location) and has odd habits. He loves his sea creatures especially Barbie. He has a pirate lord that he trusts and gave a giant man eating she crab which he later named betsy. Other than living up to the man he looks like he just lives life to the fullest and keeps the pirates life alive no matter how long has passed since then. Mixing modern with past.

Before he ever met his future wife. Waaaaay before Calyspo revealed to them that Rosetta Thorne was his half sister...all of them even Rosetta didn't know....he and Rosetta Thorne had a waaaay drunken and intoxicate one night stand. After the baby was born and able to be bottle fed...after a month...she threw the baby in his arms and if it hadn't been for his mother being there that day...it might have hit its head.

It wasn't but a little bit after that he met an Atlantian Elven-mermaid hybrid maiden by the name of Ipolani Cambridge...they hit it off in mixed notes. Needless to say he soon had a new crew mate...nagger and occasional lover. In short...from crewmates to lovers. From lovers to couple. From couple to husband and wife. It was numerous years before Ipolani and he were ready for children of their own. More her than him...he would do anything for his sexy goddess Ipolani.

After a few years they had a beautiful baby girl...happily married for decades...their daughter after a couple decades looking around 1-3 and happily married for more than that...they are eagerly expecting their second child....of Ipolani's loins.

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow Eqv60z

Some Of Jac's Likes:
*his many magic pocketed trenchcoat
*circular conversations about the giant squid
*circular conversations
*control of his ship
*being followed
*his infamousy
*the sea
*the pirate's life
*firing himself or others from cannons
*the success of his seemingly insane schemes
*his family especially his kids with ipolani
*Ipolani ~ his sexy goddess
*Barbie ~ giant ass man eating she crab he raised since she was born
*his mother calpyso...sometimes

Some of jac's dislikes:
*The Royal Navy
*the extremely rare times his plans don't succeed
*losing his ship
*following rules
*listening to orders
*being told what to do
*being eaten by sea creatures
*when the rum is gone
*his mother calyspo
*the krakken and he have a love-hate relationship
*goodie two shoes
*Lightning Magic...and mildly anyone who can use lightning powers

Some of Jac's strengths:
*coming up with insane schemes that have a 99% success ratio
*escaping from seemingly impossible to escape situations
*being a pirate
*master of disguise
*surviving encounters with sea creatures including being eaten
*has extremely high alcohol tolerance
*Ocean Magic
*Water Magic
*Ice Magic
*Mild Lightning Magic but hurts himself.
*summoning sea creatures
*following the Pirate Code
*mild weather control...its more used in navigations
*navigating the sea
*leading his pirate world wide armada
*larger lung capacity
*swims beautifully...now
*keeping traditions alive

*pirate greed
*parley being called
*following orders
*listening to the word no
*tends to seem insane
*the law
*rationality sometimes
*his family
*refuses to fully modernize despite he will bring in newer guns, swords and cannons

*shooting people out a cannon
*shooting self out a cannon
*talking in circular conversations
*using disguises

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow Axcsj
*Is Main Category  & ~ Is Subcategories connected to Main

-inherted from both his parents-
(Ability to live forever. This may be complete immortality encompassing invulnerability, partial invulnerability to all but specific events (i.e., decapitation or exposure to a specific chemical such as kryptonite), or simply an inability to age normally.)

*Half Blood "New God" traits
(see sojo vandres for information)

*Regenerative Healing
(of self and others...he is able to heal injuries and regenerate lost limbs once is able to focus on it.)

 ~Wind Magic
 ~Ice Magic
 ~Water Magic
 ~Ocean Magic
 ~Sea Creature Summoning
 ~mild lightning but it hurts him too even small things

*Energy Manipulation
(These powers deal with energy generation, conversion and manipulation. In addition to generic energy, versions of these powers exist that deal with such things as light, sound, electricity, nuclear energy, and the Darkforce dimension.)
~Kinetic Absorption
(able to absorb telekinetictype attacks by touch or impact and use or return towards another.
~Energy Absorption
(able to absorb other types of energy not psychically based...with varying success rates and store to release at later date)
~Energy Sourcing
(Ability to draw power from large or small but abundant sources of energy, such as turning kinetic energy into physical blasts or converting solar energy into other forms. Sometimes based on proximity to source, sometimes stored for future use.)
~Energy Conversion
(Ability to absorb one form of energy and convert it into another form of energy)
~Forcefield Generation
(Ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy.when he has stored enough energy or kinetic energy through absorption he is able to generate barriers or defense domes. They are smaller with less absorbed stored energy.)
~Energy Constructs
(Ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or laser rifles) out of solid energy. Works best if absorbed energy or kinetic psychic energies such as pyrokinesis etc first. otherwise takes off his own personal energy levels)
~Energy Blasts
(Ability to expel various forms of energy from the body...after absorbing outside energy only. Even if he punches himself though...this would do the effect)
~Concussive Beams
(Ability to generate or transform various forms of energy into a "solid" or concussive beam of energy. Works best in conjuction with kinetic or energy absorption but can take off his own but it becomes taxing)

*Superhuman Tracking
-given to his daughter with some extras aka search and find-
(Ability to track an individual or object through supernatural means; sometimes referred to as "pathfinding")

-has varying levels within his kin and some don't even have it-
(Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. This can be accomplished in various ways.)
~sea monster tongues
-unique to jacoda's line but skips-
~monster tongues
-unique to jacoda's line but skips sometimes-

(Ability to respirate through water in lieu of a gaseous medium. Not to be confused with an ability to go without breathing or to be able to breathe an alternative air supply.)

*Power Negation
(Ability to cancel the superpowers of others. Temporarily...usually done by using his hand or a a forcefield in connection to this. Has to focus to do it. Contact works best for longer durations)

*a variety of pirate, mundane, seafarer and sailor skills that anyone, especially earthian or human based, can learn.
Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow 10cklrc
*Magical Many Pocketed Trenchcoat
(has multidimensional pockets...like a tardis. Bigger inside and things shrink like to go into a merlins bag) **see image above**
Important Possession:
*The Black Pearl (when Jack Sparrow his dad lets him have it)
*Giant Man Eating She Crab Named....Barbie
*Pirate Telescope
*His father's compass
*His Personal Boat ~ Lani * Goddess Of Night

Foes: too many to name. Biggest Ones: Joseph Tyler, Sojo Vandres, Royal Navy, Navy SEALS, Navy, MI6, Aquaman (at times)
Friends: all his family, Ipolani Crow, others pending

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Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow Empty Re: Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow

Post by Thea Amira Queen on Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:33 pm

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow 2m4t9b6

Man Of Several Evil Hats ~ Captain Jacoda Crow B63rs3
Thea Amira Queen
Thea Amira Queen
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