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Felicity Smoak

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Felicity Smoak  Empty Felicity Smoak

Post by Felicity Smoak on Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:44 am

Felicity Smoak  10562j9
Full Name: Felicity Smoak
Alias: to be given
Sexual Orientation:
Age: late twenties
Play-By: Emily Bett Rickards
Occupation: Vigilante (formerly; in secret)
Member of Team Arrow (formerly; in secret)
CEO of Palmer Technologies (formerly)
Vice president of Palmer Technologies (formerly)
Customer service staff member at Tech Village (formerly)
Executive assistant of Oliver Queen (formerly)
Computer sciences and IT support at Queen Consolidated (formerly)
Employee of Kord Industries (formerly)

Affiliation: Team Arrow

Felicity Smoak  29mriif
Felicity Smoak  Smoak

Felicity Smoak  2wcpmaf

Mother: Donna Smoak, Living age unknown
Father: Unknown
Family Background:
Unknown (As via DC Wiki)
Felicity Smoak  2isdvv5
Originally from Las Vegas, Felicity Smoak feared becoming a cocktail waitress if she didn't go to MIT. Her father abandoned her and her mother at a young age. While in college, Felicity was a member of a hacktivist group, along with her boyfriend Cooper Seldon and Myron Forest. It was also revealed that her natural hair color is black (alluding to her original comic book counterpart) but dyed blonde. After a successful hack into a government database, Cooper is tracked down and arrested, protecting Felicity in the process. After Cooper's arrest, Felicity changed her look and personality from a cybergoth hacker to a more studious looking woman, dying her hair blonde in the process.

After graduating, Felicity moved to Starling City, getting a job in the I.T. department of Queen Consolidated. Here, she met Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who had just returned from being presumed dead for five years. Increasingly strange requests from Oliver caused Felicity to become suspicious of his true intentions; yet, Felicity felt extremely trusting towards Oliver despite all of his sketchy requests. Eventually, Oliver Queen revealed to Felicity his true identity as The Arrow. , Felicity agreed to help Oliver with his crusade from time to time.

After Thana's almost impendent death Felicity became a major part of Oliver's team, eventually becoming a full-fledged member, becoming Oliver's main source for in-field information, hacking, and even duties such as undercover work and serving as the liaison between the Arrow and Quentin Lance from the Starling City Police Department as his original choice was no longer able to do it and Felicity was older and had less stress to worry about.
Felicity Smoak  Eqv60z
Felicity is a gentle soul who wants to see good in the world, she is very nerdy and stumbles as her crush on Oliver becomes more and more obvious. She blushes easily and tries to fit in amongst the warriors.
Felicity Smoak  Axcsj
Computer nerd.
Felicity Smoak  10cklrc
Friends: Team Arrow, Team Flash,
Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak

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Felicity Smoak  Empty Re: Felicity Smoak

Post by Thea Amira Queen on Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:42 pm

Felicity Smoak  Fo0g0z

Felicity Smoak  B63rs3
Thea Amira Queen
Thea Amira Queen
League of Assassins
League of Assassins

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