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Don't cry over spilt coffee (open)

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Don't cry over spilt coffee (open)

Post by Laurel Lance on Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:08 pm

Laurel walked out of the office for the day her hair blowing in the breeze that was present at the moment. The top of her head was covered by a hat and in her one hand was a file the other a cup of coffee. Laurel sighed hearing her phone ring she some how with out dropping anything managed to grab her phone and put it against her ear. The blonde leaned against her should as she spoke to the person on the phone, it was about work it was always about work.

As Laurel walked she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and bumped into someone managing to spill her coffee and drop her file, luckily the file wasn't harmed but laurels shirt had a coffee stain on it. Cursing the blonde quickly kneeled down and picked up the file before any liquid could manage to find its way to the paper. She quickly stood up and sighed looking at the person. "I am so so so sorry"
Laurel Lance
Laurel Lance

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